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Machida isn't likely to lose for a long time. The UFC should have an easy time hyping him - the dude is undefeated and almost never gets hit. How couldn't you market that?

Other MMA news:

- Mirko Cro Cop is back in the UFC and fighting on June 13th @ UFC 99

- June 6th there is a STACKED Strikeforce card on showtime for free (if you have the channel) with Arlovski fighting Brett Rogers, Lawler vs Shields, Diaz vs Scott Smith etc.

- June 7th is the Urijah Faber / Mike Brown rematch on the channel "versus".

- June 13th is UFC 99 - Wanderlei Silva vs Rich Franklin, Cain Velasquez vs Kongo, Cro cop, etc.

- July 11th - UFC 100 is probably the most stacked MMA card in the sport's history.

- August 1st is Affliction's third card. Fedor and Barnett have apparently agreed to fight eachother. Other awesome matchups will be on as well. Mousasi vs Belfort we hear, and Syliva vs Buentello.

- UFC 101 = BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian, but more importantly, Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin at 205.

Oh and DREAM 9 is in just a day or two I think... May 26th maybe.
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