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Kids- Was pretty great. Just finished watching Elephant the other day, and they shared a very similar style, both strong movies. I can't wait to watch Bully and Julien Donkey-Boy, especially the latter because I love Herzog and I have enjoyed the Dogme pieces I've seen so far.

I still haven't seen Gummo either, which I'm holding off on because I think I'm expecting too much from it at this point. I'm really more interested in seeing The Diary of Anne Frank Part II. Sounds ridiculous.

So yeah, I'm going through Harmony Korine's and Larry Clark's films right now.

Also just saw House of the Devil since everyone has been talking about it. I haven't seen any other Ti West films, but I thought it was pretty great (I'm more into the slow boil horror films anyway) despite that I'm not interested in the horror nostalgia thing.

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