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Originally Posted by ten_second_infinity View Post
Everyone needs to email earache and ask them to put them on tour.
Yeah, they could go on the road with Anata and call it the "Assfucked by Earache Tour".

Originally Posted by Cloaca View Post
the two title tracks especially
"If I could catch a glimpse of your grand design..." I always find that part so haunting.

Originally Posted by Cloaca View Post
David Gray is one of my absolute favourite metal drummers, perfect style for this band.
Yes, it's just a shame that his drum sound is never quite right (imo).

Originally Posted by pyroleprechaun View Post
Has anyone heard Akercocke's cover of Chapel of Ghouls by Morbid Angel?
Yeah, don't like it much. Same with the other bonus cover track on Antichrist, "Leprosy" by Death. Jason't vocals make the text so unintelligible it's amusing.
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