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Re: 2020 album discussion thread

Originally Posted by Lichtbringer View Post
I was talking about stuff like Gorgasm that?s extremely misogynistic, so I really don?t know why you?re suddenly talking about dismembered people (horror) or monsters (fantasy).
So how would you know members of Gorgasm or similar-themed bands don?t secretly beat their girlfriends senseless at home or condone and encourage violence against women? You don?t and it wouldn?t matter if you did, because no elements of satire or parody are present in the lyrics making them reprehensible trash regardless of the - in your case entirely speculative - intentions of the author.
But, as you?ve admitted, we?re talking about lyrics here, not music, and the music of both Gorgasm and Arghoslent is quite enjoyable.
Hmmm truth be told I hadn't thought about extreme mysogyny in lyrics, because it's not something I personally encounter. I dislike brutal death metal in general purely from a musical standpoint, so I haven't had to make that judgement call. Themes like that usually exist only in slamz and pornogrind.

If I'm being honest, I don't think I would enjoy a band that makes violence against women their main focus without it being apparent that they're exploring a theme purely for artistic reasons rather than advocating for it.
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