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Re: 2020 album discussion thread

Originally Posted by Oleg View Post
None of the guys in Gorgasm--especially Demian, the founding member--are crazed misogynists with a lust for masculine dominance. Their lyrical content is meant to be taken like old school horror flicks, it's just a shock + awe medium to drive the instrumentals. I'm willing to bet 99% of active bands with that kind of lyrical content are using that style purely as an artistic backdrop for their music. I'm stressing the word "active" here, cause it takes a lot of fucking time, money, and dedication to be in an active band that tours. There's literally no time or resources for misogynistic practices.
I don't doubt that, and my gut feeling would be to assume that's the case. Personally, I think I would have to draw a line depending on how it's depicted. A simple depiction/description of the acts wouldn't bother me. If the writers in question start adding stuff like "that bitch deserved it" or something, whether or not they actually mean it, it starts becoming too much like a suggestion rather than an exploration.
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