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Satanic WarTroll
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Magic Circle

The Innumerable Forms thread number 7 is sort of turning into a thread about this band, so I figured we should move discussion here as this band will probably be deserving a thread eventually anyways.

Doom Metal from Boston with members of Innumerable Forms, Mind Eraser, Doomriders (I hear), The Rival Mob, Boston Strangler, No Tolerance, etc. Not sure who, beside someone from Doomriders. So much good Doom lately out of the US, and a lot of it is on the DIY side of things, which is nice. They've only got two songs released, and uploaded to Youtube and shared with you below. There's also a good video of an entire set that is totally worth watching if you like the songs. Decent quality sound, and you'll get to hear more of this upcoming LP. They're playing Chaos in Tejas as well with Saint Vitus and Church of Misery and a lot of other badass bands.

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Iain Avstin
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Not a lot of doom interests me like this does.
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anyone catch this set at Chaos?
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Magic circle?!?!?

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Doctor Bill
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fuck waiting for mods to approve my thread

About a month ago I graduated from the college I went off to in 2008. Started off as music education, but switched to trumpet performance halfway through my sophomore year. During that time I learned all sorts of music theory, got my aural skills in high gear, and had some wonderful performance opportunities in a terrific learning environment. It had ups and downs for sure, but the ups far outweigh the downs. I'm at home now, back with mom and dad. But, in July I will be leaving to play trumpet for a major cruise line for 6 months as the lead trumpet player for their house band. I won my audition back in January. So, as a way to reward me for graduating in 4 years, my parents are letting me chill at our house at the beach. I get to practice all day long, eat, drink and smoke for free in exchange for keeping the house up until I head out to start my contract.

I want to share some of my experiences that I had. I give you my word it's all true. I had some wild fucking times at school.

Freshman Year

Some of you may remember how I looked before I left for college. I had long, blonde, girly hair and was pretty much a whiny asshole (that hasn't really changed much :P). I had some sexual encounter my first semester. Some of you might remember when I got my cock pierced. I had lots of girls checking my stuff out, it was awesome. Got a few bj's, and this one freaky but hot egyptian met with me to hook up for a couple weeks (found out she was engaged, that's why it ended) and we'd have the roughest sex to date that I've had. Got a girlfriend back home over Christmas break, but broke up with her on valentine's day to date another girl at my school. So second semester I got a steady girlfriend and we fucked/dated until the summer. At the end of the semester, I met teh Maz0n and we longboarded together. I was using one of his mini boards, as mine was disassembled at the time. We went down this huge hill, and at the bottom of it I got speed wobble and ate it. Ate it hard. My head hit the asphalt 3 times, each time scraping some. When I stood up, I was pulling out handfulls of my blonde hair. It looked like the left side of my head had been singed with a torch. So the next day I went and donated my hair, and have had short hair ever since.

Summer b/t freshman/sophomore year

I refused to go back to Medieval Times this summer. I had my job at the music store doing brass repairs, and I picked up a job at a restaurant serving during the lunch shift and prep cooking during dinner. Tried coke for the first time working here, tried X for the first time that summer too. One of the guys I worked with was growing some tree, and told me if I slung a half o for him he'd give me a quarter. This is a story on it's own...

My friend Johnny was already slingin, so I told him if he slung the half i'd give him an 8th. Well, later that night he took 14 xanex and blacked out. He broke into a dude's car and took his stereo, some watches, shades, and cologne. Next day dude showed up to Johnny's place with friends holding bats. Johnny gave him his stuff back, but he wanted more. So Johnny gave him an 8th of the half he was selling. We divvied up the rest of the sacks so we could sell it like a half and not lose any money (yeah, dick move, but we were 19 so fuck you).

Well, he sold a quarter to this one guy who was an ex MMA fighter who got kicked out for killing someone. Big, scary, redneck motherfucker from West Virginia. I was over at Johnny's and he came over, drunk as piss. He started telling Johnny I was an undercover. He said not to worry, that once he started beating my ass my backup would come and get him. Johnny eventually got him to believe that I wasn't a cop by telling him I was the guy who supplied the bud he got earlier. Then, he started rapping at me. I don't remember the whole thing, but two lines I remember are "That shit wasn't kush, I should've smoked my bush," and he ended on "your shit was wack, so I want my money back." Well, seeing as how I didn't have anything, he said that was fine and we'd go outside to "make a deal." Johnny and his roommate grabbed him and I hauled ass out of there and didn't come back for at least a month.

At the end of the summer Johnny took over my job at the restaurant. He told me the day I left, the chef (who had a wife & 3 kids living in a 2 room apartment living off food stamps) spent his entire paycheck on a bag of crack, and smoked it all that night. Over a grand's worth of crack. He got put into rehab, and he's moved back up north. Idk whatever happened to him. I feel sorry for his kids, though.

Sophomore year

I had a gay roommate for my first semester. It wasn't a big deal, as my best friend freshman year was a gay guy. But this kid, holy shit. He is the kind of gay that gives gay a bad name... everywhere he prances he farts fairy dust kind of gay. So that was a nightmare, but not at first. My first day moving into my dorm I came back from getting dinner and there was a cute girl sitting in out room playing Starfox 64. Roommate said she saw him playing and asked if she could play. She stayed until she beat the whole game, and by that time it was late. Roommate had a girl friend staying with him in his bed, so she looked at me and I told her I didn't mind sharing the bed. I got laid the first night my sophomore year and didn't have to do anything but move into my room. That was awesome, we fucked for about a week.

My roommate's friends became friends with me, and there were two girls in the group I was both into. I wish I could tell you I had a threesome, but I promised not to lie. One of the girls left her boyfriend for me, and her boyfriend was friends with my roommate. So of course that caused drama. It didn't matter though, because he transferred to another school before the next semester started. The whole second semester I had a handicapped room (means extra large room+bathroom) with no suitemates, and my girlfriend lived in the same dorm as me. You better believe I was getting some ass. Oh, also my sophomore year I became the lead trumpet player for our jazz band, and held the chair until I graduated.

Summer b/t sophomore/junior year

I went back to Medieval Times this summer (hated the restaurant biz) and stayed at the music store. In July I got to go to Jamey Aebersold's jazz improv camp at the university of louisville. A week of the world's top jazz musicians gathering to teach eager learners. It was amazing. Every day I got to hear at least 4 hours of live jazz by the masters, and got to play in groups led by them, and in groups with them. I got lessons from David Friesen (most recorded jazz bassist in the world), Pat Harbison (teacher at the jacob's school of music for jazz), Jim Rotondi (graduate from north texas, winner of 1985 national jazz trumpet contest), and so many more. Dan Hearle (piano at north texas) taught a theory class, and David Baker (look him up) taught a bebop clinic. This week was the inspiration for me to keep pursuing music. My trumpet teacher at the college I was at sucked, he was one of those "classical music is the only type of music" douchebags. It was great to be told by one of Miles Davis' former bass players that I had a great sound and that I should keep going.

While I was at the camp, my girlfriend went over to Haiti on a mission trip. While there, she got dengue fever and almost died. She recovered, but then she dumped me a week and a half into my junior year and was sleeping with a guy 3 days later. It hurt.

Junior Year

So, after getting dumped right as school started, I started the longest dry spell I had during my career. It wasn't until January that I finally got laid. It was great, too... I was at a party and there was this girl into me. She got drunk and we went in the kitchen, and my friend egged her on to get her to blow me right in the middle of the kitchen. Then, if that wasn't enough, we went out on my friend's roof and I got blown so everyone in the yard at the party could see. I have never felt like such a stud. So we went back and fucked that night, and we kept at it for a couple weeks.

A couple days before school ended I was at a party my lesbian friends were throwing. One of our mutual friends there had a thing for me, and after spin the bottle we ended up making out for a while. Then we went back to her room. It was only intended to be a sleepover/makeout, but because my tongue can do the things it can do, I eventually got to bareback her and came alllllll over her face.

The next day she left to go home, and I was still in town for one more night. My gay best friend I mentioned earlier had been pestering me since my freshman year to let him blow me, because he insisted that I would like it, that no man has ever not gotten off from him. So, at 3 am, I gave in. I felt confident enough in my sexuality after blowing that load all over the girl's face the night before, so I let him go at it. For ten minutes he tried to get me off, but eventually I told him "dude, you can stop whenever you want to, I promise I'm not going to get off any time soon." I was the first guy who he didn't make cum. I laughed and said "see, told you I wasn't gay."

Summer b/t junior/senior year

This was the summer of my 21st birthday. Remember the lesbians who I partied with which led to the barebacking? I got them plus three other of my girl friends to come stay with me for a few days. I had 5 girls staying in my house, all there to see me. Granted, I was only fucking one of them (the girl I barebacked came down and slept with me) but damnnnn did I walk in on some hottt twat licking. I even got to watch! Never got invited, but I still masturbate thinking about the fine ass babes munching down on each other in my room. That was pretty much the highlight of my summer.
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Decrepit Banana
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AAAAH cannot handle cockteases of such good music.
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