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Old 06-07-2007, 06:11 PM   #1
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3 guitarplayers

cheers to you!

i read on myspace that you have a 3rd guitarplayer now?

when i started my band, we had 1 guitarplayer that was soo fuckin bad :)
but we had no guts to throw him out, so INSTEAD, we got 2 additional players, that were a lot better just to cover the first one's inabilty *llool*

hopefully, thats not the reason, why you did it :)

but i remember having massive problems on stage, because it was like
an "my-engl-is-louder-than-you-marshall" and "i-can't-hear-myself-althouhgt-my-amp-is-already-in-flames" fight.

so, have you already played as a 6 piece band on stage?
no problems, complaints from the soundguy? is bulbs guitar
the most important :)?

bulb, i love your work! keep up the fantastic work.
tell me, when you come to germany,(hamburg)
i totally would love to bring our bands together! :)

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Old 06-08-2007, 12:37 AM   #2
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ill tell ya man, i have always wanted 3 guitars for Periphery since basically from the beggning, it was just really about finding the right people, i would never add a member to make up for someones inability to play correctly, that would just make stuff sound muddier.
i asked jake to try out for us because i knew he understood our kind of off kilter riffs and had figured out a lot of them on his own and i knew he was a tight guitarist from jamming with him, but still at our very first practice with him 2 weeks ago i had no idea what to expect.
Somehow, everything fell into place, we were very careful about levels being equal (my philosophy is that no one should be louder than anyone else except when playing leads and/or solos even if i am the lead guitarist so we all have regular volume settings and boosted settings) We played our tightest practice ever and then played our tighest show ever this last saturday. I cant imagine going back to two guitars now as 3 fills out the sound in a way i had always hoped (especially since most of the material is written for 3 guitars).

To be honest i expected more of a transitional period, what with jake having only practiced with us twice as a band and having only a couple weeks with me to teach him the songs properly, but he worked his ass off and sounded like he had been playing with the band as long as the rest of us. Now the rest of the band is also sold on the 3 guitars and it has motivated all of us to keep things moving!

Hopefully we will be coming to europe sooner rather than later man, i would love to play in Germany for sure haha!
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Old 06-14-2007, 03:03 AM   #3
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i can't even imagine seeing you guys live, 3 guitarists!? it has to be the most brutal fuckin experience
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