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Old 11-13-2007, 05:21 AM   #1
Resident Misha
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A Bulb Picstory Sans Djent! WRF!? (56k = You have said the wrong thing!)

Warning: This picstory is longer than longcat is long!

So my live guitar rig is complete, very complete and i really just cant think of anything to add to it that i would actually use, and long story short i had some money which i wanted to put towards the next thing i want to get into:

mmm germany

before today, willfully acquiring a virus would have warranted a few "loud conversations" if not some unfriendly slaps to the face.

and because i are teh stupidz and i mite breks teh synthsstufz on axidentalz lawl!

And out of the box it goes!
My new Access Virus TI Polar edition!
I think i would want one of these if i didnt even know what the hell it was!

(blinky lights, and BRIGHT leds! plus the logo on the back pulsates to whatever the patch tempo is)
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Old 11-13-2007, 05:22 AM   #2
Resident Misha
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Strongbadia
Posts: 1,478
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This unit sounds UNREAL! Its practically impossible to make a bad sounding patch on this thing, everything sounds so damn fat and crisp, i daresay it sounds even better than it looks! And this is also the one exception to the rule of user patches sounding lame and/or gimmicky. This thing comes with 2560 factory patches programmed in, and just skimming over a handful i have already found a bunch that sound amazing and useful as is, and are already preset to tweak nicely, but of course half the fun is coming up with my own patches and this is definitely a tweakers tool!! I cant wait to spend more time with this!

Now i traded out my Korg M3 for this because i figured out that Reason 4 does everything i would have used it for, and then some! Plus the sounds in reason with the proper refills (like good piano) kill the M3's piano which i found to be kind of mediocre unfortunately.

But what good is a good sounding piano without a good pianolike controller?
Enter the CME VX8:

88 Weighted keys with awesome action on them. Plus it has a sound card built into it, and to top it off it has templates for the buttons to control everything from synths to DAW's and it has 9 Motorized Faders as well! Plus its bright red!! Weee! My softsynths will be happy.

And then last but not least, i had originally picked up some nice Krk monitors, but unfortunately my room was more than unkind to them and i couldnt get them to ever sound right in my oh so reverby and specific-frequency-accenty (a term?) bedroom, so i had to take those back, and traded those for:

A Korg Radias!

This is a different kind of synth from the Virus and i must say it complements it perfectly, there are just as many lame presets are there are good ones, but there are a lot of user patches out that sound great, and once again this is something im going to have to spend some time with because its capable of some awesome sounds!

So yeah people who dont care about this stuff will think i am insane...well people who know about this will probably agree as well...but im really happy with these and i really just cant wait to really work with this stuff and incorporate it into the music i write/branch out into more genres but basically between all of this stuff i have the electronic side of things covered...i think....for now....
Here is the new happy family shot

I hope i can fall asleep now, im kinda tempted to play with the virus a whole lot did they pick the perfect name for that thing haha....
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Old 11-13-2007, 07:53 AM   #3
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They look awesome, thats more than 4 grand worth of keys! Damn, those are some nice toys.. :]
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Old 11-13-2007, 11:08 AM   #4
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Very nice equipment!!!!!
I'm po and cant afford such

Congrats Bulb, cant wait to hear what it sounds like!!!!!
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