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Old 09-22-2004, 05:18 PM   #1
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D.R.I. Tour Diary Part I

The tour with D.R.I. was great on almost every level. So what we have here is a brief diary about the tour.
So about 2 weeks before the tour, our drummer JOhn tells us he cant do the tour due to his work schedule. So we go into panic mode, post on some messageboards and we find this guy Ben from Ohio. He comes to Baltimore, we jam for a week and then we leave for California. The worst part of all of this, was the fact that we had 8 shows scheduled for us to play on the way out to CA. that we had to now cancel. So on July 2nd we left for CA. Several breakdowns later, we made in to CA on July 5th.
We jammed at a practice space run by Jimmy Crucifix.Later that night , we played our first show with our fill-in drummer @ The Elbo room with Funeral Shock. It went okay, a little shaky. The next day we played our first show of the "If it aint fast,it aint shit tour" in Lake Tahoe,CA w/ DRI . We played a lot better and the show was killer.
The next show was in SLC,Utah. Met up with my good buddy Dave.There was no real PA and only one Mic. We played a cool set, kids going off ,but when DRI played, a HUGE riot broke out, fights everywhere and the show got shut down 20 minutes into DRIs set. This, plus the fact that the promoter ripped off DRI for several hundred dollars/
The next 3 shows were in Colorado. We stayed with my buddy Heraldo from CATHADER and all 3 shows in Colorado went great.
The next show was in Nebraska and the show kicked ass !! Huge circle pits,lots of stage diving and our pals in WASTEOID were there. Great show. The next few shows in the midwest were cool. Milwaukee- really good show except that our drummer totally botched the encore and I destroyed my glasses during a stage dive. Minneapolis was allright, missed BYZANATINE, who I really wanted to see. G-UNIT , was also in the house that night and there were a ton of beautiful women hanging around the venue, which was nice.Chicago crowd was WEAK !!!, Cool venue that treated us great , but the crowd stood 20 ft. from the stage and did nothing. We sold a good bit of stuff, so I knew they dug us, they just had a strange way of showing it .Rockford,IL was a SMALL show, lik 30 heads. But it was a really receptive crowd and a cool venue, so we made the best of it.Cincy was next, we saw a car engulfed in flames on the way there , something you dont see everyday. Cincy was okay, decent crowd and response. My pal Henry from BRODYS MILITIA came and hung out.Next was Huntington,WVA, a personal favorite for Mough, who was a little scared to be rolling through WVA. The show kicked ass and we sold a ton of stuff, we cant wait to go back there, it was that good. LONG drive next day to Long Island to play the big rock club Downtown.Crowd was kind of weak , we did good in merch and the club treated us good, so it was cool.Next was my favorite place to play- NYC !!! The show was packed out, Kill Your Idols and NRSV played and the show kicked ass in everyway, proving to me again why NYC will always be my favorite place to jam.The next 2 shows in MAINE and CT were both small and pretty MAINE, about 20 kids who showed up could not get it because it was not an all ages show, and that sucked !! CT, the promoter booked all rock bands on the bill and Finger 11 played in the room beside us.WEAK !!! The next day was a hometown show in Baltimore @ Sidebar. Only about 60 heads,but kids went the fuck off, crazy show !! Thanx baltimore !! Next was a long drive up to MASS to some bullshit club called Jarrods. Show sucked, venue sucked, staff was assholes. I dont think we will be going back .We had a day off so we went to Bens house in Toledo, Ohio and hung out. The next show was Detroit, my good bud Tony Erbas band AMPS TO ELEVEN played and kicked everyones ass, they were great. The HIVES were played upstairs and due to that, the club would only let 100 people in downstairs. Thats the kind of bullshit you have to deal with when dealing with CLEAR CHANNEL .TN was next @ Exit INN and the show turned out pretty damn good. The room was way to big for the show , but we played a strong set and the crowd was cool, just the room was to big (which seemed to be a recurring theme during the tour) CLEVO was next and there was , at least 8 local bands on the bill , most who sold tickets just to play and it showed.At this point in the tour, we were hitting on all cylinders and it felt good .We were more than halfway through the tour at this point, and now we were heading down south. This is the end of part I of this diary. We will post part II in a day or 2 .
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Old 09-28-2004, 05:56 PM   #2
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where are the pictures from this tour??
on your website it says they are up but i cant find them.
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Old 10-04-2004, 03:36 PM   #3
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: baltimore
Posts: 136
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webmaster has not put them up yet, expect them this week
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