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Tom Grindethic
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Tom Grindethic slam gang member

New items / Back in stock...

prices include postage within the UK (£1 per item added worldwide)

CDs (£6.99 unless stated)
PURULENT JACUZZI - VANISHED IN THE COSMIC FUTILITY (Hyper blasting guttural deathgrind brutality for fans of LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY!)
DATURA - STANDING WAVE (New release from the Ukrainian brutal death metallers, for fans of SUFFOCATION and DISGORGE!)
GUTTURAL DECAY - EPOCH OF RACIAL EXTERMINATION (Crushing brutal death metal from Russia, includes a DEVOURMENT cover!)
MEMBRO GENITALI BEFURCATOR - HUMAN DESTRUCTION (Brutal slamming death metal from Russia with artwork from Toshihiro Egawa!)
CENOTAPH - PUTRESCENT INFECTIOUS RABIDITY (Back in stock! 5th full length of brutal death from Turkey featuring Lille from DEFEATED SANITY on drums!)
TORTURE KRYPT - RESURRECTING THE KRYPTS (Collection of all the band's material! Great brutal old school death metal with a member of DIM MAK!)
KRAANIUM / EPICARDIECTOMY / DORMANT CARNIVORE - GORESOAKED SLAMASSACRE split (Brutal slamming 3 way split with bands from Sweden, Czech and Russia! PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT)
CENOTAPH - REINCARNATION IN GOREXTASY (4th album from the Turkish brutal death metallers!)
POSTHUMOUS BLASPHEMER - FRACTURE THE WORSHIP (Back in stock! Brilliant new album from Russia's answer to SUFFOCATION with a great production!)
DEFEATED SANITY - CHAPTERS OF REPUGNANCE (New album from the Germans! A brutal death metal masterpiece featuring AJ Magana from DISGORGE on vocals!)
REGURGITATE LIFE - CONDEMNED FROM THE BEGINNING mcd (Debut release from this one man UK brutal slamming death metal project from the DECREPIT WOMB frontman) £4.99
GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT - THE SLOW DECAY OF INFESTED FLESH digi (Ltd. Edition rerelease with great package, bonus live tracks, music video and live clips! Brutal slam)
SKINNED - CONTORTION OF REALITY mcd (The US brutal death metallers return with a new EP! For fans of WASTEFORM) £4.99
DEFEATED SANITY - PSALMS OF THE MORIBUND (The band's second album - total dark brutality from Germany with crushing slams and intricate composition)
MORTIFY - PRELIMINARY HEARING (Awesome brutal death metal from Canada with artwork from Phlegeton of HUMAN MINCER!)
PIGHEAD - CADAVER DESECRATOR digi (Brutal slamming death metal from German with an awesome sound! Recommended)
HEAPS OF DEAD - DECEASED, DISMEMBERED AND LEFT TO DECAY (Brutal old school death metal with influences from LIVIDITY, CRYPTOPSY, VILE)
BLOODSHOTEYE - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED (Canadian death metal/grindcore/metalcore with a female vocalist!)
BLASTOMYCOSIS - THE PUTRID SMELL WITHIN (Groovy brutal death metal from Canada with guttural vocals, for fans of SUHRIM)
DISEMBOWEL (Deu) - SYMPTOMS OF DECLINE (Brutal death metal from Germany for fans of SEVERE TORTURE!)
INFESTED BLOOD - INTERPLANAR DECIMATION (Chaotic brutal blasting death metal from Brazil for fans of old INTERNAL SUFFERING! With Jon Zig artwork)
DESTROYING DIVINITY - DARK FUTURE (Dark brutal death metal from Czech Republic for fans of old MORBID ANGEL and SINISTER! BRUTAL BANDS)
AMAGORTIS - INTRINSIC INDECENCY (New album from the Swiss slam merchants! Brutal death metal on BRUTAL BANDS)
DESPONDENCY - REVELATION IV (Final album from the Germans! Total brutality for fans of DISGORGE and HUMAN MINCER! On BRUTAL BANDS!)
DEVOURMENT - UNLEASH THE CARNIVORE digi (3rd full length album from the Texan gods of slam! BRUTAL BANDS!) £7.99
GODLESS TRUTH - TOO LATE TO STOP MY HATE mcd (14 mins of new material with a totally different sound - more melody, hardcore + an influence from PSYCROPTIC) £3.50
HUMAN PARASITE - PROUD TO BUILD THE INSIDIOUS CATASTROPHE (Debut release - great French brutal slamming death metal for fans of VOMIT REMNANTS and CONDEMNED)
CEPHALIC IMPURITY - UNIQUE BRUTE REVIVAL (Amazing new album from the Russians, adding more technical writing to their previous brutal slamming death style)
LEPTOTRICHIA - THE REPOSITORY (Debut full length - awesome catchy brutal death metal from Belgium with members of the old ABORTED line up and SERIAL BUTCHER!)
ETERNAL CHAOS - DARK GOD OF THE ETERNAL (Harsh blasting black metal from Colombia for fans of ENTHRONED and SETHERIAL!)
ETERNAL SUFFERING - ECHO OF LOST WORDS (Unearthed material from a never released split with VOMIT REMNANTS - brutal slamming death from the US)
DISAVOWED - STAGNATED EXISTENCE (Back in stock - Second album of brutal technical death metal from the Netherlands! NEUROTIC RECORDS)
INFERNAL REVULSION - DEAD BUT BREATHING (Back in stock - new album of crushing brutal death metal from Japan, on REVENGE PRODUCTIONS)
VISCERAL BLEEDING - ABSORBING THE DISARRAY (Back in stock - latest album from the blasting Swedish death metallers, including 2 video clips)
KATALEPSY (Rus) - MUSICK BRINGS INJURIES (Back in stock, heavy as fuck brutal slamming death metal from Russia with plenty of catchy grooves)
CONDEMNED (US) - DESECRATE THE VILE (Back in stock - reissue with different layout and bonus tracks from MASS BURIAL demo - US brutal death!)
SINTURY - DISGORGING THE DEAD (Rerelease of the classic TXDM album with ex-members of DEVOURMENT and AVERSION TO LIFE!)
BLASPHEMER - DEVOURING DECEPTION mcd (New release from the Italians on COMATOSE MUSIC - flawless brutal death metal plus video clip!) £5.49
OATH TO VANQUISH - APPLIED SCHIZOPHRENIC SCIENCE (Technical and brutal death grind from wartorn Lebanon! Mixed/Mastered by Colin Davis of VILE!)
NEFAS - TRANSFIGURATION TO THE ANCIENT'S FORM mcd (First EP from the band - Dark technical death metal from Italy!) £2.99
FROM THE DEPTHS - BEREAVEMENT mcd (Blackened US death metal with members of NUNSLAUGHTER, EMBALMER and BEYOND FEAR) £2.99
VIRUS / KEVLAR SKIN - split cd (Aussie gore grind 1 man band vs. slamming brutal death from Spain!On Life Fluid Prod!) £1.99
PATHOLOGY - INCISIONS OF PERVERSE DEBAUCHERY digipack (Second album of brutal US death metal with Levi from DISGORGE on vocals!) £7.99
INGURGITATE - BLEEDING HIS SACRED KINGSHIP (2nd album - rerelease with 2 bonus tracks! Brutal death with members of DEVOURMENT and SECT OF EXECRATION!)
INGURGITATE - BLACKEST ORIGINS... (1st album - brutal death metal from Texas with the old DEVOURMENT guitarist! COMATOSE MUSIC!)
LUST OF DECAY - PURITY THROUGH DISMEMBERMENT (Back in stock - 3rd and best album! Brutal US death with members of ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY and LIVIDITY!)
CEREBRAL EFFUSION - IMPULSIVE PSYCHOPATHIC ACTS (Back in stock - amazing new album from the Spaniards! Total guttural slamming brutality!)
DECIMATION - ANTHEMS OF AN EMPYREAL DOMINION (Amazing dark and technical brutal death metal from Turkey with the ex-CENOTAPH drummer! COMATOSE MUSIC)
SANATORIUM - CELEBRATION OF EXHUMATION (Last full length album from the Slovakian brutal death metallers)
SANATORIUM - GORESOAKED REINCARNATION (Brutal death metal from Slovakia on SEVARED RECORDS! Includes SINISTER cover!)
SANATORIUM - INTERNAL WOMB CANNIBALISM (Classic 2nd album from the Slovakian brutal death metallers!)
PUTREFY - LUST SO VILE mcdr (2002 release from the N.Ireland death metal sickos) £3.99
BIG TOE - NONE MORE PUTRID pro-pressed mcdr (First demo of unhinged brutal slamming death metal from East Begonia, for fans of SIKFUK and RETCH) £3.50
CEREBRAL BORE - MANIACAL MISCREATION (Long awaiting debut album from the Scottish lunatics! Catchy technical brutal death with a great production)
ZOMBIFIED - OUTBREAK (Awesome old school death metal from N.Ireland for fans of BOLT THROWER and early CANNIBAL CORPSE)
GOREBOUND - IT'S CHOPPIN' TIME mcd (New band featuring ex-members of GOREROTTED and DITCHCREEPER - old school gore dreched death metal) £4.99
VISCERA TRAIL - HUMILIATION-RIDDEN EVISCERATION (Brutal death metal from Israel - the sickest band from the holy land!)
ANTRAKS - SPEWING WRATH BLOOD (Relentless blast-ridden brutal death from Indonesia with a crushing sound on PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT)
PLASMOPTYSIS - BREEDS OF MALEVOLENCE (Awesome Indonesian chaotic brutality for fans of DISGORGE and MALIGNANCY)
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