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Old 02-19-2008, 10:02 AM   #1
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Hi all,

I'm glad to be a member of the "smnnews-community".
First of all I'll explain my situation:

I'm a guitar-, piano- and saxophone-player and my musical ambitions goes to both extremes and I wanna be able to record all weird ideas in my head going from standard jazz to cinematic compositions to the heaviest polyritmic metal.

I've recently invested some money into a new DAW-software with the digital interface and a IMAC.

Since the internet is a pool of information wich I drown in immediatly when I begin to search any information on recording so I'm searching one or two very reliable informationsources to work with. I know there isn't a step-to-step manual who's explains you how to record, and if there is I would like to know

1.) So if someone can show me a good site or informationsource where I can find every aspect of the recordingproces that would be great.

2.) I'm also in searching for good drumsamples to program midi-drum with since I couldn't spend any more money on a legal drumsampler at the store. Something like DrumkitFromHell or BFD. I got the BFDLite version with PROTOols but I hasn't got one sound with it because its a demo trial.

3.) If someone could help me with a few pluggins or an adres where I can find them that would be even cooler.

My gear wich I work on if thats of any importance.....

*a few guitars,saxes and a decent digital piano(wich I could use with MIDI)
*Marshall 100/100 stereo Powerslave
*Marshall JMP01 preamp
*TC Electronics GMAJOR Guitar Processor
*Line6 POD1,0
*2 DBL 32bands eq
*and somekind of crappy BeHRINGEr FXmod
*a few SHURE BETA 57 and 58's mics

*IMAC 2,4Ghz Leopard with PROTOOLS LE 7,4
*Digidesign MBOX2 interface

I got a few pluggins with the PROToOLS but a lot of them dont work because they're just demoversions who's expiring in a few days

Thanks in advance to anyone who could point me in any direction
Best regards to you all

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Old 02-19-2008, 02:03 PM   #2
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ChAAPY brought this to my attention. Excellent starting point for anyone aspiring to record.

Then, just google mic placement for whatever application.

As for Plug-In's, you need to look for RTAS format. So, when looking for say, the PSP Master Q, google that along with RTAS UB OSX torrent. That makes sure it will be compatible with your Intel iMac and Pro Tools. Keep in mind that not every plug-in is available in RTAS format. I'm not sure if PSP stuff is, but they make great digital replications of old analog gear. Their Vintage Warmer is a nice compressor that gives a stereo mix a warm analog tape type sound. Oh, and I would certainly get a new reverb. The D-Verb in Pro Tools is absolute garbage. IK Multimedia Klassik Studio Reverbs is a really good start.

But, if you're even planning on making money at recording, always buy your plug-in's.

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