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Old 10-03-2006, 06:19 AM   #1
In Vermis Veritas
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One damn year later...

...after its release, I finally got "Exit" from my local specialist metal store. *Phew!*

And it. Fucking. Rules.
Exit. Slay. Maggots. Fail & Fall. The whole damn thing... I'm simply at a loss for words!

The best grind record IMO in recent history, along with Pig Destroyer's "Terrifyer." In these fucked up and uncertain times that we live in, I cannot thank the members of Rotten Sound enough for the inspiration they give fans like myself and many others. My gratification for this... you guys are the best, and keep doing what you do!

Right now, "Exit" is in my non-stop playlist alongside:
Napalm Death "The Peel Sessions"
Entombed "Clandestine"
Aborted "The Archaic Abbatoir"
Disfear "Misanthropic Generation"

Yep, Life is Good... and Extreme! :D
To top it off, I'm going on a well-deserved vacation in November, visiting family and a best mate. To kick things off we're catching the "Masters of Death" tour with Unleashed, Grave, Dismember and Entombed. Oh yeah...

I'll post more thoughts on "Exit" the more I soak it in.

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