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Shop on Line News: Cannabis Corpse, Rotten Sound, Isis…

Plenty of good records arrived in stock! Enjoy at:

First of all, Idiots Parade discography is OUT!!!

CD IDIOTS PARADE “Idiotsgraphy” (Sk) 9.90 Euros

Complete Discography. 12 pages booklet Lyrix + Pix. 47 songs of Grind Fastcore Violence. Female fronted fastcore band from Zvolen, Slovakia ------- NEW BONES BRIGADE RECORDS Release!!!!


CD AFGRUND « Corporatocracy » (Swe) 7.99 Euros

"Corporatocracy" is the follow up to last year's "The Age of Dumb" from this harsh and Grindcore crew + cover songs of Splattered Cadavers (Repulsion), Shadows (Nasum), The Nightmare Continues (Discharge).

CD ANGELCORPSE “Of Lucifer and Lightning” (US) 8.90

Extreme Death Metal album, 2007 Angelcorpse’s return!! Destructive vocal, expect anything but blasphemy and carnage!!!!

Split Digisleeve ATARA / MISERABLE FAILURE (Fra/Fra) 10 Euros

Both bands play for 19mn of extreme nihilistic grindcore, brutal!!! Ltd Edition.

CD BASTARD FEAST “Osculum Infame” (US) 9.90 Euros

Formerly ELITIST, new band’s name for a filthy new album of Crust Sludge blackened Hardcore!! For Fans of NAILS, TRAP THEM.

CD BURIED INSIDE “Chronoclast” (Can) 9.90 Euros

Heavy Metallic Hardcore and melodic atmosphere, Third album, Relapse Records.

CD CANNABIS CORPSE “From wisdom to baked” (US) 10 Euros

New album, 90’s Florida Death Metal Style!! With Chris Barnes SIX FEET UNDER & Digestor of GHOUL as Guest!!!

With members of IRON REAGAN, MUNICIPAL WASTE etc… Excellent new songs!!!

CD-Single CAVE IN “Lost in the air” (US) 4.50 Euros

Contains "Lift Off" on the B-side. Cave In recorded the two tracks after touring with A Perfect Circle in 2001, The song was later re-recorded for Antenna.

Digipack CAVE IN “Jupiter” (US) 12 Euros

Complex and Melodic Post-Rock core. Experimental energy. (Hydra Head Records)

CD + DVD CAVE IN “Antenna” (US) 14 Euros

Emotional Prog-Post Rock influenced album. + DVD: Live Footage, Videos, Backstage and Recording studio footage.

CD CAVE IN “Perfect Pitch Black” (US) 9.90 Euros

Heavy and more experimental Pop Post Hardcore.

CD CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR “Mechanical Tides” (UK) 9.90 Euros

Furious vocals, Fast, powerfull and dirty riffs!!! For Fans of NAILS, GAZA & TRAP THEM.

CD Slipcase CULT OF LUNA “s/t” (Swe) 12,00 Euros

Limited Edition Shape Slipcase. The mighty debut album of epic, apocalyptic noisecore metal from Umea, Sweden. Devastating power & emotion that will destroy you with its beautiful, black heaviness.

Digipack CULT OF LUNA “Eternal Kingdom” (Swe) 12.00 Euros

Cult Of Luna return with their storming fifth album "Eternal Kingdom"! Limited Edition Digipack, Alternate artwork than the regular version CD.

CD + DVD CULT OF LUNA “Eternal Kingdom” (Swe) 12.00 Euros

Cult Of Luna return with their storming fifth album "Eternal Kingdom"! Limited Edition Slipcase CD + DVD.

Digipack CULT OF LUNA “Salvation” (Swe) 12 Euros

Quite simply one of the most outstanding albums of 2004. 76 minutes of musical genius. Expansive Noisecore never sounded so good. Ltd Digipack version.

Digipack CULT OF LUNA “Somewhere along the Highway” (Swe) 12 Euros

Limited Edition Digipack, The fourth outing from Sweden's Cult Of Luna sees the collective building further on their monstrous sound.

CD CULT OF LUNA “The Beyond” (Swe) 9.90 Euros

This 70+ minute opus is the sound of Apocalyptic Noisecore, and it will simply devastate you. Unmissable.

CD FUBAR “Lead us to war” (Nl) 8.90 Euros

New album, 22 hymns of Grindcore, pissed off and fast!!! Don’t miss their new great opus!

CD GRIEF “Come to grief” (US) 8.90 Euros

Classic sludge/doom release, Come To Grief. Originally released in 1994, reissue features expanded artwork and an unreleased track the band recorded for a horror movie.

CD IDIOTS PARADE “Idiotsgraphy” (Sk) 9.90 Euros

Complete Discography. 12 pages booklet Lyrix + Pix. 47 songs of Grind Fastcore Violence. Female fronted fastcore band from Zvolen, Slovakia ------- NEW BONES BRIGADE RECORDS Release!!!!

CD ISIS “Oceanic” (US) 9.90 Euros

Second Album, Post Sludge Metal Hardcore. 2002. Ipecac Recordings.

Digipack ISIS “Oceanic” (US) 15 Euros

Second Album, Post Sludge Metal Hardcore. 2002. Ritual Records. (Jap Limited Version)

Japanese pressing Comes in a digipak with additional insert and Obi strip.

CD ISIS “The red sea” (US) 9.90 Euros

An expansion of the sound pioneered on their previous release Mosquito Control, this EP offers a slight evolution toward the direction Isis would begin to take with their first full length.

Digipack ISIS “Panopticon” (US) 15 Euros

Japanese Special Edition with an enhanced video and digipak packaging.

MCD ISIS “The mosquito control” (US) 7.50 Euros

First studio, released in 1998 by Escape Artist. The piece runs fluently through all 29 minutes, and all four songs are linked through consistent bouts of chaos.

CD ISIS “Panopticon” (US) 9.90 Euros

Released by Ipecac Recordings in 2004. A trajectory of post-metal, achieved by heightened use of melody and clean vocals.

Double CD ISIS “Oceanic / Remixes and Reinterpretations” (US) 13,00 Euros

A 2004 compilation of remixes by various artists of songs from Isis' 2002 album Oceanic.

Digipak KYLESA “Ultraviolet” (US) 9.90 Euros

Melodic, Dark & Intense new Album, for Fans of BARONESS, MASTODON & NEUROSIS, LTD Edition Digipak First Press!

CD MARUTA “Forward into regression” (US) 8,90 Euros

Taking grindcore to the next level, surgically precise riffs, relentless speed, and volatile dissonance.

CD MASSACRA “Final Holocaust” (Fr) 8.90 Euros

1990 - One of the rare French Death Metal good band, An endless barrage of savage riffs, punctuated by numerous tempo changes and a direct drum attack!! Cult / Classic / Carnage

CD MISERY INDEX “The Killing Gods” (US) 10 Euros

New Album!!! Hyper fast, raging and angry new tracks!!! Think about DYING FETUS, HATE ETERNAL & CATTLE DECAPITATION.

Digipack NAUSEA “Crime against humanity” (US) 9.90 Euros

Grindcore classic re-issue, limited to 500 digipacks! High speed blasting with a slow, plodding heaviness that makes for an interesting intense ride.

Metal Box CD OUTLAW ORDER “Dragging down the enforcer” (US) 10 Euros

9 Tracks of Dirty Sludge to legalize crime, with Members of Eyehategod and Soilent Green.

3”MCD ROTTEN SOUND “Species at War” (Fin) 8.90 Euros

Ultra fast tracks!!! Furious and Total Blasting!! A Must of Grindcore!

CD SKITSYSTEM “Enkel resa till rannstenen” (Swe) 7.99 Euros

Originally released in November 2001, this classic record was recorded by Mieszko Talarzyk of NASUM, Pure dose of Pissed off fast Crust!!

Digipack SLAUGHTER “Meatcleaver” (Can) 9.90 Euros

One of the first thrash/death metal bands that started out in the early 1980’s that combined hardcore punk with screaming heavy
thrash and death metal. “Meatcleaver” was their first demo tape recorded in August 1984. Limited to 500.

CD TERRORIZER “Hordes of Zombies” (US) 8.90 Euros

3rd Album, Death Grind with the return of MORBID ANGEL frontman David Vincent on bass & Pete Sandoval on Drums!!!

Split CD VANCOUVER / ZATOKREV (100% Ch) 6.90 Euros

Both bands play great Post-Metal-Rock-Hardcore, for fans of Neurosis, Kill the Thrill…
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