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Old 02-27-2006, 06:13 PM   #1
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What Green Carnation's music means to me...

Dear all!

I wanted to write down some of my thoughts about the music of one of the
most unique bands Green Carnation. The first sense that comes to my head
is the sense of an endless intimacy and love. From the first time I have
heard their one hour long masterpiece, I have found the light at the end
of the tunnel I have been in. It was painfully honest and sincere. A call
to wake up and to hold on to something. Listening to that album was like
taking a look through all of my life, from the very early childhood days
up to these days. And taking a look at your life is not an easy task to
do. It is just like diving in a fast flow where you do not know what is
going to happen next. It is the fear of unknown where your heart beats
faster than your eyes blink. And the music has been that soulmate which
was there for all the time, which did not ask questions, but silently
pointed out where to look and what to do. It was the first record in my
life which was so true and so open, so personal and so rich. It was a
mountain stream of crystal clear water that has carried me away to the
light from the darkness where I was. No any words would be capable of
expressing that eternal gratefulness for what this album has done in my
life and in the lives of all the people who have been affected by this
divine piece of art. All the instruments, vocals, the choir and samples
worked in perfectness with each other and each time this record appears
in my stereo, I know that it will help me to choose the right way and to
find peace within myself. It is one of the most memorable and beautiful
travels I have had in my life. From the dark into the light!

I can clearly remember the day when I bought "Blessing In Disguise" CD. I
could barely breath, awaiting to hear the record by getting home. It was
a long way home and I had to fly first, then take a train. A lot has been
happening to me during the road back home and at the end I felt sad and
broken due to losing my documents and some of personal belongings. So as
I got home, I turned off the lights, put the disc in and closed my eyes.
The next time I opened my eyes was when the record has finished. It was
out of this world and it was much higher than all of my expectations! It
was an exact record I have been planning in my mind. And my favourite
band has recreated all of my feelings in every song. Everything felt so
much personal that I always had the tears in my eyes as I was listening
to the lyrics. Kjetil's voice, guitars, keys, drumming - everything has
been coming from the heart and, as always, it has been unique. Back in
those days I was working with the ill children and "Lullaby In Winter"
was the song which has helped kids fall asleep. There was something very
tender about it and I remember how everyone was wondering about how the
kids with psychologic and other physical disorders were getting calm,
listened to the music and fell asleep soon after. "Boy In The Attic" has
hit home very close and was very personal. That piano intro always takes
me away to my childhood, to the days of solitude and always being alone.
Always helps to understand so much... And the words were the words I've
always wanted to say, but could not. In some sense it was "speaking for
the mute" which Terje did in a best possible way. "Two Seconds In Life"
saved the life of a very precious person in my life. When she has heard
this song, she saw the sense in this life. And it is truly said, that two
seconds can be longer than eternity is!
"Rain" always reminds me of my best friend who just went away and never
returned. I always pray for her safety wherever she is and this song has
given me the hope and shared the grief I felt and still feeling up to
this day. There has never been a person who understood me so much, who
could accept all of the "craziness" in my head, who would accept me the
way I am, who would always understand, care and love. Deep in my heart I
do believe that during one rainy day the phone will ring and I will hear
her voice...

"The Quiet Offspring" became another miracle in my life. And the most
important is that I could not say that the album was better or worse than
the previous releases because it has been completely different. It was a
new area and it was fitting the band very well. Music of Green Carnation
is a something where you can not judge what is better or worse because it
is always aiming for the new horizons and you are always browsing through
the different lands which have something of this and that, but which will
never be alike. This album is very important in my life because along
with it I have been born again because of the things happening in my
life. I do not know how would I survive through some hell happening
without this record. It is very powerful and it has that inner strength
in every second to help those who fell down on their knees to stand up
and fight again, to make the world a better place. And, naturally, the
richness of songs was not possible to describe. Songwriting skills of all
great personalities in a band worked just like all elements in nature. As
Danny once told me: "One song finishes and the next one starts and I
think that it is my favourite, then I think so of another one. And it
repeats again and again!"

Of course, I have to mention the beautiful "Give a Hand" song for Tsunami
disaster which was recorded with various artists and a song which took a
very special place in my heart and in the hearts of thousands of people.
Still lots of people from different countries mention the video in their
letters and keep telling me that it was one of the most comforting gifts
they have received.

And the final surprise has been the release of "The Acoustic Verses". It
was a dream come true for me and Danny. And the result simply divine! We
can surely say that it is the best acoustic record of all time! Beautiful
side of the beautiful band, to make it short! All the lyrics are so deep
and hearfelt. And I always remember the words of my first music teacher
who told me that only acoustic guitar can produce that clean tone that
starts fire inside of you. Back then I just told to myself: "Oh, well, I
am still sure that electric guitar is better!" Honestly, this was one of
the best presents we could only dream of! No borders for Green Carnation!

And before the ending of my story, I want to share the poem which I have
written for Green Carnation and all the fans.

Whatever happens next to me
This music will go on inside
Through lands, the air and the sea
Through every day and every night.
Of all the feelings that I feel
Only the music brings me peace
And gives a shield made of steel
And touches the heart inside to tears.
No any words can tell so much
No any letter sent somewhere
The music keeps our hearts in touch
With love and care belonging there!

With all the love and care,

Your always loving friend Denis.

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Old 02-28-2006, 02:21 PM   #2
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This is really awesome! I love to see how much music means to people!
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Old 02-28-2006, 04:51 PM   #3
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your post inspired me to join the forums, i wasn't going to join, because i'd probably not come back, but after reading your post i felt it was necessary to join. i had to tell you your post describes the way i feel about most music i listen to. i always search for meaning in the music i listen to, and find that many of the great bands i love, i can only listen to them alone, because i get so emotional, even when listening to the heaviest of albums i cannot hold my tears back.

i remeber the last time i listened to Light of day, day of darkness, i was lying in my bed, trying to get to sleep. I had a pretty aweful day the day before, and a more aweful day coming to me, i just listened with my eyes closed, and let the tears flow.

a couple of my friends and family don't get it, they never got as emotional about music as i did, my brother was the first person to tell me he felt the same way about music; getting goosebumps all over his body, and tearing up because of the beauty of the moment. its reassuring to me to know that there are other people out there that feel the same way about music. your post means alot to me.
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Old 02-28-2006, 11:37 PM   #4
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Dear friends!

Thank you very much for all of your messages and truly nice replies. Thank you for taking time to read my rather long post. But I felt like sharing my feelings with all of you. I believe that it is important to share what music means to us, so our hearts get more open towards the great energy of love which is in music and in every true form of art! :)

Candlelight6, thank you for your words! Music is truly the way of life and I believe that we all just _breath_ music. And music has united us all here. To your question: I was born in Russia, but since then I have been living literally everywhere and now my job is sending me all over Europe, so I have a good chance to see the band live. Hopefully, it will be along with Danny. And we never know, maybe I'll even catch them on their US tour! Solving some personal problems at the moment and it may take me to USA to take part in international project. We'll see! So crazy and beautiful things do happen! Green Carnation is touring USA, for example, is one of them! Hehe... Would be so great to meet all of the friends from here!
Yes, acoustic version of "Boy In The Attic" is breathtaking! :) Someday me and Danny will hear it live!

Sharkman, your message made me feel truly complete and it made my day one of the happiest in my life. This is truly what matters the most of all in life - to give a part of your heart to someone and see that missing heart getting complete as the person is giving you a part of his heart back. I know, it sounds quite long, but this describes the feeling! Thank you so much for your wonderful post and for your openness, my friend! And it is very important that you came back. It DOES matter a lot.

When I was a student at the University, I have been much younger than the other folks there and I was feeling my difference from the crowd and I often wanted to go away and remain in the corner (the way it happened in school), but then I've told to myself that there is another person in that crowd who feels the same and is also trying to survive on the surface and get away from the crashing waves. This way I have learnt to see the difference between pearls before swine and seeking for souls like mine. It takes the whole life to learn the skill, but it is worth it. :)

It is very hard for me to hold my tears back when I am listening to music. I understand you very well. Each time I am hearing the end of "Rain" from "Blessing in Disguise", I always cry and shout out the words along with Kjetil. The same happens when I am listening to Anathema's "One Last Goodbye", to "Undertow" by Pain of Salvation and lots of other songs. And it relates to the heaviest stuff, too.
I am sorry about your awful days, my friend... Take my strength and always think of me during the bad times. I will be there for you through the time and miles. I know, it does work. At the moment Danny is very far from me and I miss the kid terribly. But he always knows when I am thinking of him. :)

My father has never understood my passion for music, not my current job as well. My friends do care for music, but there are very few who react so emotionally. Since I am composing my own music, I can tell (even if a little) about how much it takes to make a song and about how much it matters when people react the way we do. I had a gig few days ago and people did not seem to care at all and then I stopped singing and playing acoustic guitar and asked: "And what if this day would be the last one for all of us or for someone we love?" And then there was a total silence for the few minutes. The next song was a slow ballad and most people had tears in their eyes, when before that they were rudely talking to each other...
And yes, there are others like us and it is worth searching! And your post means very much to me too! :)
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Old 03-03-2006, 04:11 PM   #5
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Dear Jannik!

Dank u zeer voor uw brief! Dank u voor uw tijd, zorg en liefde! :)

It was a great pleasure to read your message, my friend, and it warms my heart to know that there are other people who treasure music as much as I do. I think that it is important to educate children about music, so at least some of them hear some better stuff than what is put on a mainstream and heavy rotation. I believe that it is important to understand the music, not just hear it.

Speaking of those people who listen to whatever is playing, it is hard to judge for me because everyone is special in some way and I may also be misunderstood. My father, for example, does not understand what my music means to me, but at the same time he will not listen to something crappy. If you get my point. But yes, we are different from the rest and it is our advantage of some kind. And we may hope that the others will join us in this beautiful journey through the music waves!

I was very happy to read the part where you have mentioned sincerity in music. It is really so. And Green Carnation is a very good example of this sincerity. Creating music is like looking in a big mirror and telling about the things you see in your own eyes. And the more honest you are with yourself, the better is the music. I am also very fond of poetry and philosophy. I am writing a lot of poetry in my native Russian language, then in English, German, Spanish, Swedish and Suomi. Also I am writing prose and currently working over two books for children. Hopefully, it will be useful one day and will see the light! :)

I am also composing music and one of my biggest dreams is to perform on stage with a band. The good thing about composing is that you can do it and you do not have to be big for that, you do not have to have tons of money or anything else, except the talent and some spare time. The second is always a problem for me because of my job. But I can always hear music in my head and composing process is happening for all the time. It is like breathing for me. And of course, the potty ;) is also a good place to compose! My mother is telling me that it was the place where I wrote my first poems when I was a kid! Hehehe...

Good luck with your learning, my friend! I have also started with acoustic guitar and I had about five lessons, but then had to quit because my teacher moved to teach at the University and I could not go on. So I consider myself a self taught guitar player. You just keep trying and compose, write down, record (if you can) your ideas and you will see what is sounding good for you! My older sister has helped me very much about it. She told me to record everything even if I think that it sucks. And now I can listen and compare my past inner state with the current, see what was right and what was wrong, see and realize the changes. It is really great, so try it out!

I have only heard the songs from the very first album on different samplers and audio tapes. I do not have it on CD yet (very ashamed), but I will check out this album for sure as soon as I get a chance. The songs I have heard from it associate with a very painful experience in my life, so in some sense I was afraid of buying the album. But now I feel that I have to go through it all! That is why I did not mention it...

And thank you again for everything! Take care and be safe!

Your loving friend Denis.
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Old 03-04-2006, 11:10 AM   #6
i wont
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i honestly cannot say that green carnation has this effect on me. but i think everyone has "that" band , or a few....and its cool to see you put it into words and open up on this forum
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Old 03-18-2006, 08:48 PM   #7
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Thanks for sharing this.

Green Carnation is a very special band to me, A Blessing In Disguise particularly brings back SO many memories as it was the soundtrack to a very significant period in my life a couple of years ago.

When I met them after their gig in London last June, I was ecstatic to get my ABID CD cover signed by all of them and it's now framed and on the wall in my house.

Such an incredible band. I really hope their fanbase grows and grows. Even though it's often easy to feel selfish and not want a band to be discovered by the masses, these guys really would deserve an explosion in their popularity, much like Opeth has recently enjoyed.
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