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Insidious Reviews

Expect a full update on this review section. Meanwhile feel free to contribute all reviews on the insidious album.

The metal archives
Emeth's debut album sounds to me like brutal death, made carefully. Besides being an extremely devastating album, "Insidious" shows that Emeth use several resources, such as permanent bass, guitar or drums solos, plus great job in the voice. There's an excellent instrumental part in every song, and all of them have a special place in the album. "Impermanence Of Being", the first track in the album, starts with an ascending intro, as "Aeon" closes the album softly, descending from guitar riffs to clear keyboards. All the other songs remain that idea, using different tempos and riffs. At last, I'd state that "Insidious" has shown that Emeth will have a great future inside extreme metal scene, not only because of the capacity of the players, but also because it has a lot of energy, and the sound engineering was excellent for such a great job. 100% Recommended!

Grindead webzine
Emeth was first brought to my attention by Ulf. I decided to check them out and also noticed they were listed to play the '04 Illinois Fest and were signed to Brutal Bands Records, both of which had many of my favorite bands on them. This gave me pretty high expectations for this album, and Insidious, which I believe is their first release, did not dissapoint me one bit.
Emeth play their music with a refreshingly unqiue combination of sick ass parts equally technical and grind that reminds me of a hybrid between Nile and Brodequin and perhaps a little Disgorge(USA). Everything I enojy in a good brutaldeath release is included on this album.... Hypergrinding blasts, inctricate song structures, blinding tempo changes, etc....
I highly recommend you check these guys out as I ancticipate much more sickness to come from these insane fucks. Some of my favorite songs on this album are Imperemanence of Being, Enedmicy Preordained, and Archaic Halos.

Belgian EXTREMELY BRUTAL death metal. Thus I like. You start listening to this and first off think 'WTF?' as 'Impermanence of Being' starts with a muffled effect that makes you think - uh oh, poor production. It picks up, clears out, and slaps you right in the face. Its actually got great production, as you soon discover.
Emeth are a very proficient 3 piece band, giving you fast, technical and highly aggressive death, in the vain of Hate Eternal, earlier Morbid Angel and such like. It certainly sounds US inspired death. I like the pace shifting on this album, strong leads, relentless riffing and blasting drums. It always amazes me when a 3 piece can sound this aggressive, and I'd really like to see them live.
The 9 songs Emeth give you are all a fairly standard length, nothing too long. The songs that really stood out for me were Stratum, an explosive death track with great gutteralness from vocalist Tom Kimps, its typical of Emeth in that its got flawless structure and seamless pace shifting from slow back to fast, its just the goddamn explosive nature of it I like. Other great tracks were Archaic Halos and Manifestation which were both really enjoyable, fast, furious, chaotic tracks.
Tom Kimps is easily up there amongst the other shit hot growlers out there, you can't fault him. The guitar work is strong and as I've said US death sounding at times, but its got its own unique feel aswell. This band execute their music well, put simply. The final track Aeon is a nice chugging 'cool down' after your ear drums work out, a lil bit of piano tinkling and all in all you're left with a feeling of - yes, I'll keep my ears open for what else these guys put out. 9/10

Voices from the darkside
I discovered these guys through the excellent "Face Your Underground" compilation series from our dedicated fellows at EMETH were featured on Vol.2 with the track 'Catatonic Entanglement', which made me pretty curious already, so I contacted them for some more material right away. Even though the band is already active since late 1997, it took them several line-up changes until they were able to play their form of relentless, brutal Death Metal in March of 2001... But in September 2003 they finally ended up recording nine tracks of their own at the famous Excess Studios for what was to become their debut album "Insidious". The result is a real merciless onslaught and definitely another perfect choice as the ultimate soundtrack to armageddon! Judging EMETH just by the material on offer here, they are without a doubt one of Belgium's most uncompromising Death Metal hordes of all time! Their music comes really close to a battleground, with the drums being the machinegun fire, while the heavy sounding rhythms detonate like bombs in your speakers and the insane, savage riffing is crunching everything in sight like a tank on a rampage! You'll easily notice that we're dealing with very experienced musicians here, cause technically there's some pretty complex parts to be found in their writing. As there's only very short spaces in-between the songs, you'll hardly find the possibility to catch some breath, so you are constantly about to be hacked, dismembered and mutilated until the disc reaches its last two minutes and an acoustical guitar piece finally brings back some silence. In case you're already bored by the majority of the established American Death Metal acts of the first generation and if you can't stand the inhuman sounding DEVOURMENT / DISGORGE etc. vocal-style either, EMETH might be your right choice! They are far more intense (partly even a bit monotonous), but deliver their vocals in a very deep and inhuman, but never unnatural manner. A very brutal act indeed, totally worth being checked out! If your favorite mailorder doesn't offer the CD don't hesitate to contact the band or their label directly at, respectively

Sorry Emeth, maar er moet me iets van het hart. Ik begin genoeg te krijgen van een bepaald soort metal -artwork. Ook het Belgische trio Emeth doet mee aan deze polonaise, vandaar dat ik hier even op in wil haken. Het lijkt namelijk wel of er tegenwoordig maar één formule bestaat om (death) metalhoezen te ontwerpen! Gooi een vleugje halfdoorschijnend beeld (bijvoorbeeld tandwielen, vuur, een klok, vogelvleugels en natuurlijk de zandloper) over een "arty" afbeelding waaraan je niet direct kunt zien of het een foto of tekening is, gebruik daarovereen een kreukeleffect of laat het "geschilderd" lijken en zie, klaar is je metalhoes! Het oogt natuurlijk allemaal heel professioneel en verzorgd, maar iedereen doet hetzelfde! Weg met deze hype! Ik ben het zat! O ja, en niet te vergeten de trend op pupillen van de bandleden weg te "photoshoppen". Wat is er mis met neus, wang, elleboog of kin?! Durf eens aan die clichés te ontsnappen! Gelukkig kunnen we het over de muziek van Emeth snel eens worden; precies alsof je een zeer stationair lopende mitrailleur pijpt, terwijl je ondertussen onzedelijk betast wordt door een krolse berggorilla die nodig zijn amandelen moet laten knippen! Uitgemolken termen als 'bruut', 'strak' en 'lomp' probeerde ik nog te ontwijken, maar helaas, ze zijn reeds gevallen. Emeth is er één uit het Suffocation-kamp, alleen heel veel opgefokter en sneller dan de Amerikaanse meesters. Voor liefhebbers van Devourment, Disgorge, Krisiun, Brodequin en consorten is dit de alom bekend verplichte kots. Een bere-productie, razendsnel en uiterst meedogenloos; ik moet op muzikaal vlak dan ook nagenoeg kritiekloos blijven. Openingsnummer "Impermanence of being" (mét "Ghosts Of War"-begin) en "Stratum" dalen lekker in, maar eigenlijk zijn alle negen tracks zo strak en vet als de poeperd van Mondriaan. P.S.: Om nog even op dat artwork terug te komen; de oplettende kijker zal op deze hoes zien dat het "tandwieleffect" in buik en oksel van de fantasiezombie in dit geval niets meer is dan de binnenkant van een ouderwetse fietsbel! Tringtring! Haha, eigenlijk best origineel, dat Emeth. (88 out of 100)
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