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Old 05-09-2020, 11:32 AM   #211
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:
The distro was updated with farious stuffs: CDs, tapes, low prices, fanzine, badges...

BEYOND LIFE (Pol) Three steps of human life Demo tape. Black noise/ Dark ambient

ANAL GERIATRIC INFECTION (Fra) The sound of the vile smell Demo CD/ Pro CDr. Cybergrind/ Gore brutal death.

HOR (Gre) Exitium CD. Grim black metal the old way, with a suicidal touch (Reminds me of early Buzum, old Horna)

ABSURD (?) A final escape for this absurd existence in continuous chaos chronic... Demo tape. Harsh grind/ Noisecore. Special packaging

ZARAGH BAAL THARAGH (Fra)/ ERIS (Serbia) GROB (Croatia) Split tape. Underground black metal

Dark ambient, industrial, dark electronic, experimental compilation (Given for free)

Fanzine: ACID VICIOUS (Fra) Special issue n?3. Interview: Escarnium, Dionysiaque. Article: E. Wolok of Foedus aeternus zine speaks about his music collection...
28 pages. A5. In english. 2020.

-MUTILATOR - Badge (Demo artwork) Small size
-MUTILATOR - Badge (Band photo) Small size
-MUTILATOR - Badge (White drawing) Small size
-VORUS - Badge. Big size x2
-CARNAL GHOUL - Badge. Big size x2
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Old 05-16-2020, 04:35 AM   #212
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

COFFIN ROT (Usa) A monument to the dead Tape. Old school death

DEATH POWER (Fra) Vivisection Demos 1987 CD. Old school thrash (Rerelease of old demos)

DEHYDRATED (Slovakia) And death shall have no dominion MCD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

HATS BARN (Fra) Voices of the ultimate possession Tape. Black metal (Member of Lord ketil, Antilife)

HELL FURY (Ecuador) Enemy of the virtue (Blaspheme and crush the cross) Demo tape. Raw black metal

HELL TORMENT (Peru) Cursed nazarene MCD. Bestial black death

KORPSESOTURI (Fin) Malus corpus Tape. Death metal, the old raw, obscure and brutal way.

MASSIVE POWER (Chile) Breaking your head Demo tape. Old school thrash

MORBID ILLUSION (Sweden) In the crypt of the stifled CD. Death metal with evil brutal death influences (Reminds me old old Insision, Deviant, Morbid angel)

PAZUZU (Costa rica)/ MORBID PERVERSION (Bra) Split tape. Old school death, doom/ Old school death

TERATOMA (Spa) In the inside​.​.​. Reborn the flesh MCD. Death metal, old brutal death (Reminds me of old Deranged, Cannibal corpse & old Illdisposed)

DEVIL (Bra) Legion Tape. Fast black metal (Reminds me of old Marduk, Allegiance...)

ARCHENTERUM (Fra) ...ainsi fut Ab?me CD. Death/ Black

VORACIOUS SCOURGE (Usa) Our demise MCD. Old brutal death meets Death metal (Members of suture, Despondency, Suffocation...)
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Old 05-23-2020, 04:39 AM   #213
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

The disto was updated with LOW PRICES and 2ND HAND stuffs:

ESM ‎(Cze) nESMysl Pro CDr. Jazz/ Noise/ Experimental

INFAMY (Fra) A World on its end CD. Black metal/ Black thrash

MIND RIPPER (Fra) Kahos Humana CD. Black death. Members of Decent, Cortege funebre.

MINOY (Usa) ‎? Sum Sum Soo Tape. Experimental/ Ambient/ Spoken word

NECROFAGO (Bra) Brutal mutilation CD. 2nd hand. Old black death.
(Compilation of old demos from 87-88).
2nd hand CD: There are little scars under the disk, but plays fine.

NIGHTLY GALE (Pol) Illusion of evil CD. Doom/ Experimental/ Blackened doom

NOCTURNAL FEAR (Usa) For of war CD. 2nd hand. Old school thrash.
2nd hand CD: The booklet is a bit folded, the CD in perfect condition

PERDISIAN (Uk) Minds of the weak MCD. Melodic death

PESTICIDES (Ger) Emptiness Demo CD. Death metal/ Brutal death

TIER INSTINCT (Usa) In through this devour CD. Cardboard sleeve.
Dark ambient/ Industrial/ Obscure

VOMITOS Y REFLUJOS (Chile)/ ROTTEN RECTUM (Serbia) Split tape. Gory death grind/ Grindcore
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Old 05-29-2020, 03:56 AM   #214
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

BLACK INVOCATION (Bra) Chaos - Triumph - A new beginning Tape. Black metal in the 90's style.

COAGULATE (Usa) The art of cryptosis Demo tape. Death metal influenced by old finnish sounds and obscure death.

GILGAXAR (Indonesia) Aberration intentional Demo tape. Death metal/ Early brutal death

HELLFIRE (China) The seven gates in hell MCD. Old school thrash.

MASS BURIAL (Spa) Breeding plagues CD. Death metal influenced by old swedish sounds.

NUCLEAR DEVASTATION (Hol) Take this torch Demo tape. Old school thrash/ speed with punk influences.

PHOBOPHILIC (Usa) Undimensioned identities MCD. Old school death with an obscure side.

PUTREFACTOR (Fra) Rehearsal '91 Tape. Old death metal/ thrash. Rerelease of an old recording. (Underground sound)

THE NEGATION (Fra) Paths of obedience Tape. Fast black metal

BLAST BITCH (Argentina) Sociedad manipulada MCD. Death metal/ Old death grind. (A bit like early Bloodduster without the groove parts).

XIPE TOTEC (Mex) Miquian CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death. Not unlike old Nile or some Morbid angel. (Members of Foeticide, Pyphomgertum)

Fanzine: DEADLY ILLNESS zine (Hungary) issue 6: Abhorrent funeral, Disharmonic orchestra, Burnt decay, Sedation therapy, Mirage, Fatamorgana, Boris Groh, Wmn, Taser/ Usko, Deer creek/ Game two recs, Dexen, gigatron 2000, Gawthrop, Raymond St Jean (Film director of an HP Lovecraft movie)... Fanzine about death metal, doom sludge, punk hardcore etc
46 pages. A4. In english. 2020

*** SHIPPING: The french postal service is almost back to normal. The last weeks I sucessfully sent packages to european countries, including Germany, Uk, Belgium, Norway, Greece, etc. So shipping to Europe shouldn't be a problem, unless your country is extremely locked.
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Old 06-06-2020, 04:06 AM   #215
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

BLETSIAN (Australia) He who hates Demo tape. Raw black death/ War metal

BOLOTO (Rus) Культ маски Tape. Raw black metal, not unlike early Impiety

CRUCIFIRE (Australia) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Split tape. Death black/ Black death

END OF MANKIND (Fra) Faciem Diaboli Tape album. Black metal. (Members of Antaeus, Eternal majesty,..)

IMMOLATED (Bra) Pleasure of death Demo tape. Satanic brutal death

THE OCCULT (Russia) Necropolis Tape album. Death metal with swedish influence (Members of Gosudar)

TRAUMA (Pol) Invisible reality + promo 1991 CD. Old school death (Rerelease of old demos from 91 and 93)

SAD (Gre)/ DOMOS (Colombia) Guided by the chants from the other side Split CD. Black metal
(Memeber of Slaughtered Priest, Necrochakal, Obsecration...)

BEYOND LIFE (Pol) Everything dies Demo tape. Dark ambient/ Black metal/ Drone
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Old 06-11-2020, 09:37 AM   #216
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

CONTEMPTOR (Russia) Devil of the crossroads Demo tape. Obscure black death.

HEFESTO (Uruguay) Morborus Demo tape. Black thrash, a bit like early Aura noir.

NIHILATOR (Ger) Satanic redneck snufffilm sect Demo tape. Raw black metal/ Old punk hardcore

PYRECULT (Fra) Sought to overthrow Demo tape. Fast black metal/ Fast Hc punk

RAPTVRE (Ger) Monuments of bitterness CD. Digipack. Black/ death

SILURE (Fra)/ FERETRO (Chile) Split tape. Old school death

VIVISECT (Usa) Fuming death Demo tape. Old school death

ABSOLUTUM (Ger) II Demo tape. Fast black metal in the 90's frozen way.

OFF (?) Despair MCD/ Pro CDr. Dark ambient.
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Old 06-20-2020, 04:24 AM   #217
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

BETHOR (Serbia) nataS liaH Tape. Fast black metal

CANNIBAL RITES (Usa)/ RESTOS HUMANOS (Ita) Split CDr. Old school putrid death/ Old death grind

FORSAKEN GRIEF (Swe) Death metal '91 '92 Tape. Old school death. Rerelease of old demo.

HELLRIPPER (Uk) The manifestation of evil Demo tape. Old school Black thrash/ Speed (Not unlike early Bathory)

PANPHOBIA (Fra) Fear of death Demo tape. Death metal influenced by the old swedish sounds like early Dismember.

TEMPLE OV PERVERSION (Swi) Temple ov perversion Demo tape. Black metal

TERRE (Bel)/ SLAVESTATE (Bel) Split tape. Doom death sludge/ Sludge doom

TRIUMPHANT (Austria) Wraith amongst the living Demo tape. Black thrash/ Black death influenced by the 90's. .

TUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR ALPHA (Can) For the sake of reproducibility - A technical replicate Demo CDr. Death metal/ Grindcore, influenced by old Carcass, Impaled, mid old Exhumed.

FILTHCULT (Fra) Filthcult MCD. Crust punk / Black metal/ Sludge the noisy way.

PRIPJAT (Ger)/ HELL:ON (Ukraine) A glimpse beyond Split CD. Digipack. Thrash metal/ Death thrash with more modern influences.

MURDER INTENTIONS (Bel) Excessive display of human nature CD. Death grind/ Brutal death grind


-PHERETRUM - Sticker
-DUST AND BONES Records - Sticker
-MORBID SKULL Records - Sticker
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Old 07-04-2020, 03:28 AM   #218
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

ANATOMIA (Jap) Dissected humanity CD. Old school death/ Death doom, influenced by old Autopsy. (Reissue of the first album)

EREKTION (Fra) Restless copulation Tape. Obscure brutal death/ Satanic death

EXAUGURATE (Usa) Chasm of rapturous delirium Demo tape. Fast obscure death, not unlike old Dead congregation, Grave miasma, Fleshtized... (Members of Grave Ritual, Ectovoid, Cemetery filth)

GOATBLOOD (Ger) Sadistic body rites Demo tape. Primitive black.death

GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE (Ger) Wisdom of the dead Tape. Death doom

MANGLER (Rus) Are you ready for something like that? Demo tape. Death metal/ Old brutal death. (Demo from 1998)

MORTIFEROTH (Usa) Secret secrecy Demo tape. Old school death

MYSTAGOS (Spa) Ho anthropos tes anomias Tape. Black metal

REINCARNATED (Thailand) The alpha echo Demo tape. Obscure death doom

GROTTO (Bel) Circle of magi CD. Digipack. Prog rock/ Stoner/ Doom

YAKISOBA (Ita) Mandatory amputation Demo CDr. Gore grindcore/ Goregrind

AGATHOCLES (Bel) Commence to mind Tape. Grindcore

-ANATOMIA - Sticker black
-ANATOMIA - Sticker green
-MORTIFEROTH - Sticker green
-MORTIFEROTH - Sticker green silver

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Old 07-18-2020, 04:30 AM   #219
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

ANATOMIA (Jap) Decomposing cadavers CD. Old school death/ Death doom (Compilation of demos and 7 Eps/ Mexican import)

DEATHSLAUGHTER (Bra) Resurrection of an an tediluvian demon Demo tape. Black thrash speed

DEHA (Bel) Blasphemes Demo tape. Obscure black death

DEKONSTRUKTOR (Rus) No way back Tape. Old school doom/ sludge, with "dark" psychedelic and black doom influences.

OBJECTOR (Bel) Social intolerance Tape. Thrash metal, Sounds like mid old Kreator.

OMGEVING (Netherlands) Wijde wijdte Tape. Black doom/ Post black

SEBUM EXCESS PRODUCTION (Bra) Hail To Sebaceous Cyst! Demo CDr. Goregrind/ Gore death grind.

TARRE (Netherlands) Unheil fan 'e klaai CD. Doom metal/ Death doom. Sounds like traditional doom with an heavier more deathmetallic production.

THE CRAWLING CHAOS (Russia) Стерилизация преданных слуг Demo tape. Dark black/ doom/ sludge with strange experimental influences and a saxophone.

UNSPEAKABLE (Usa) Expulsion of the triumphant beast Demo tape. Obscure black death meets black thrash. ( Member of Negative Plane, Occultation, Terra Caput Mundi...)

JHEIT (Spa) Omega rising MCD Black metal/ Blackened death. Sounds a bit like old Mayhem

-HAIL SHITAR Recs - Badge
-LUCIFIER Zine - Badge

NIHILISTIC clandestine newsletter*!
I?m running out of flyers and stuffs to distribute in packages,
So I made a free newsletter: It contains reviews of CRYPT DAGGER, SILURE, SWARN, TERRORHAMMER and an interview of WARNING FOG.
One A4 page folded two times. 50 copies. See you in the packages!

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Old 08-01-2020, 04:24 AM   #220
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

APOCRYPHETIC (Usa) Through cruelty is our ascension to paradise Demo tape. Fast evil death metal, not unlike early Deicide, old Malevolent creation...

DERANGED (Chile) Through the dark past CD. Old school thrash (Collection of all demos, Eps...)

GODLESS TYRANT (Usa) Immunosupremacy Demo tape. Black death, quite obscure.

GOD'S FUNERAL (Spa) El cristo de las trincheras MCD. Doom/ Death doom

HERPES (Fra) Doomsday Demo CDr. Old school death ? la Autopsy, with touches of Death breath, early Death... Few copies back in stock.

IGNOMINIA (Chile) Ars moriendi MCD. Death metal/ Old school death (Members of Pulverized)

MALIGNANT ASCETICISM (Chile) Veneno Espiritual Demo tape. Black metal/ Black death (Member of Atomicide, Necropsia, Macrofago...)

MAZE OF TERROR (Peru) Ready to kill Tape. Old school thrash.

NECROBLASPHEMY (Germany) Demo tape. Hateful death metal

NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Cursed relics CD. Old school death, black death.

PILORI (Fra) A nos morts. CD. Digipack. Blackened hardcore/ Death grind

STENCH OF EVIL (Usa) Triumph of perversion Tape. Filthy death metal/ Death black/ Punk. (Member of Encoffination, Father befouled)

VREDENSDAL (Usa) The tyrant shade Tape. Black metal

BRUTE (Slovakia) Henchmen CD. Old brutal death with death metal touches.

GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) Ogre Demo CD/ Pro CDr. Industrial/ Extreme metal/ Cyber grind/ Dark electro

INTESTINAL DISGORGE (Usa) Lurking in the void between dreams Demo CDr. Brutal death/ Cyber grind/ Noisecore.

HEAVING EARTH (Cze) Vision of the vultures Demo CDr. Satanic death/ Brutal death. 2 copies back in stock.

Free stickers!
-FHED - Sticker
-MOURMANSK 150 - Sticker
-EXXON WALTZ - Sticker
-BLODHEMN - Sticker
-KNEKELPUT Recs - Sticker
-ROTTED LIFE Recs - Sticker

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Old 08-08-2020, 03:35 AM   #221
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: France
Posts: 605
Rep Power: 17 Gab slam gang member

Last distro news:

ETERNAL EVIL (Swe) Rise of death Demo tape. Old school black thrash, not unlike early Bathory.

HORRIFYING (Chile) Altered states fermentation Demo tape. Old school death/ Blackened death. (Members of Excoriate, Demonic rage, Butamacho...)

IMPURATION (Turkey) Sanctities we raped Tape. Black/ Thrash/ Death (Members of Godslaying Hellblast, Sarinvomit, Deggial)

VI?LENCE (Australia) Mot?rDemon MCD. Black speed/ Black'n roll, sounds like old Venom, a bit of Motorhead and old Bathory.

ANTIFLESH (Gre) With knowledge and 1000 needles Demo tape. Black metal (Member of Slaughtered Priest, Necrochakal)


Necrot, Burial, Desecration, Celestial sanctuary, Outslaughter + reviews, articles...
36 pages. A5. In english. 2020

LUCIFIER Zine (Fra) Issue 10
Disillusion, Gang, Mistreated... + Chroniques, dessins... Fanzines heavy old school.
32 pages. A5. In french. 2020.

ACID VICIOUS Zine/ LUC MERTZ/ Hors serie 2.
Dessins humoristiques, dans l'esprit des vieux zines de BD ou du magazine Psychopath.
24 pages. A5. In french. 2020

ABYSMAL SCULPTURS Zine (Singapore) Issue 10
Mortuary ancestor, Acid knight, Mass hypnosia, Penguasa anjing, Putrefied remains,
Moloch, Balmog, Haiduk, Malevolentia, Past the fall, Metal gunz, Balberith, Ravage records... + Reviews, live reports...
44 pages. A4. In english. 2014.

2ND HAND Zines/ Fanzines d'occasion:

INTO THE CATACOMB Newsletter issue 1
Imperator, Terrorama, Morbid insulter... + reviews.
6 pages. A4. In english. 2010

PROVOKAT?R Zine (Hungary) Issue 3
Art/ collage/ Propaganda zine. By the editor of Posthuman zine.
28 pages. A5. No texts. 2011.

METAL HAMMER Greece / Issue 263/ November 2006.
The haunted, Hammerfall, Manowar, Wolf, Hammers of misfortune, God dethroned, Anaal nathrakh, Swedish metal special; Borknagar, Ahab, Belphegor, I, Coldworker, Ufo, Skid row, Disillusion, The answer... + reviews.
146 pages. A4. In greek. 2006

LA MINE Zine (Fra) Issue 35
La mordue, Emonsters Hifi, Mix up festival, Radio campus amiens, Label brune record... + chroniques. Fanzine rock/ pop picard.
24 pages. A5. In french. 2012.
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every band sucks, gobs of gab, noone cares gab, useless poster

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