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Flaccid Penguin
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Red face The day I graduated and stopped pretending and started being

I'm not gonna lie

My daddy never sodomized me as a child. It was always a fantasy I coveted as an adult when I started to explore my sexuality in college. After the first taste, the craving for my father's essence became irresistible.

Not too long ago, while working as an intern, my Mother called me. She sounded solemn. My father was finally succumbing to his illness. He didn't have much time. An urgent despair pierced through the core of my being.

I arrived at the hospital. He was in a coma and mentally long gone. Grieving, I asked my Mother and the nurse for some privacy. I busted out a bag of saline and Viagra that I had concocted myself....slipped that motherfucker into the IV. I was gonna have my way. I was determined to have my way. I knew I pressed for time for it wasn't going to be long until he flat lined.

Memories of my father and I showering together as a child flashed through my mind. Envious of the penis. He was endowed but I wasn't. I was so convinced I was misplaced as a child but alas a paternity test conclusively proved him to be my biological father.

With his idle body before me, my licentiousness was to be satiated. Through the miracle of science he began to rise. And when I say "He" I mean his Penis. Monstrous, his member protruded from the hospital bed sheets, like a Klan master ready to give a seminar. I slowly uncovered my gift.....the endowment I never received.....a lagniappe that was rightfully mine. I have been waiting for so long. This was equity. Where hast thou been? My craving became animalistic. I slowly uncovered the sheets to reveal his prodigious member.

Inexplicable, unadulterated, mirth overwhelmed my senses. A floodgate of thick saliva began dripping from my lips. I began panting. My breathing accelerated. The noise masqueraded my true intentions as the my Mother thought I was grieving. The saliva dripped from my lips to the hand grasped the shaft ever so a predator closing in on a prey.....I will finally be fulfilled. The viagra made him stiff and I began my felatio. I had imagined putting my blowing skills for years on my father, and now he couldn't do anything about it!!! HE CAN'T REJECT MY ADVANCES NOW!!!!!!

I began from the tip and slowly devoured my Moby Dick. Ahab finally closing in on the kill. I unwrapped his foreskin with my mouth. Oh! What glorious pleasure hast thou bestow upon thee! How many a woman has he penetrated? No longer was the feeling of his penetration an imaginary circumstance! I was a queer? So be it! We'll see who's the fucking queer after this! I swiftly slid off my puma sweatpants and modulated his penis into my male poonani.

And the heavens opened up and divulged their celestial pulchritude to me! At last I am filled! Before I could even begin riding my cries of ecstasy doubled as grief to those none the wiser outside the hospital room. Quickly I crouched down and lunged my hips forward. So this is what my Mother felt!!!! Oh what unrivaled elation! A cornucopia of bitchmade dopamine receptors flooded my brain. My legs trembled, sweat rolled down my tailbone and I became filled with ecstasy. The zenith of this excursion rejuvenates me and we become one. A beacon of elegant fuckboyism finally takes over......finally bitch made.....I am complete. I am finally beautiful.
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Re: The day I graduated and stopped pretending and started being

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Old 04-09-2017, 11:03 PM   #3
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Re: The day I graduated and stopped pretending and started being

come to indonesia
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Old 04-13-2017, 05:46 PM   #4
Woof Reprisal
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Re: The day I graduated and stopped pretending and started being

Thnx 4 sharing this beautiful tale your father sounds like he had an awesome dick and sweet cum
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Re: The day I graduated and stopped pretending and started being

I came.
Tell us what happened next. What did you mother do to you when she came back in? Oh you dirty penguin.

Originally Posted by Lichtbringer View Post
come to indonesia
He said he only has a lil peepee.
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florence lishburne, floyd money mayweather, indonesian bitch juice

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