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HatredEmbodied 01-09-2008 07:29 AM

Playstation 3 ????
Does anyone have one?? I got one for Christmas and I think its bad ass, I love how the online feature is free too, anyone on there?

So far I played:
Fight Night 3
Assasins Creed
Tony Hawk Project 8

all really nice looking games, very well done, cant wait to see Rock Band! haha!

Choronzon 04-02-2008 07:08 AM

I will be buying one as soon as GTA 4 and a new Hitman game are imminent.

So, with GTA 4 being released soon I'll be buying one in the coming months.

Javi 05-17-2008 11:57 PM

buy EA SKATE & sell your tony hawk game =]

HatredEmbodied 08-11-2008 07:06 PM

GTA4 is tons of fun!

anyone that plays online should add me up on the PS3 network!

name: "bungplow"

Jack de rimmer 08-31-2008 12:41 PM

Kinda addicted to MGS 4

gurrmuff 08-31-2008 04:19 PM


HatredEmbodied 08-31-2008 10:40 PM

I wouldn't mind an Xbox either.

But either way, as long as I have some kind of game system, I'll be cool.

Unfortunatly, my PS3 is now giving me the 3 beeps of death and I can't log onto the PS Network. I read this is quite normal, sorta like the Xbox red lights of death. I heard I can't log onto the Network because of something having to do with the last PS update that was installed from the internet. Anyone know what to do about this?

Bellerick 04-18-2021 04:14 PM

Re: Playstation 3 ????
xbox one

Curtis_Quinonez 04-29-2021 05:47 PM

Re: Playstation 3 ????
Playstation 5 is better.

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