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quartertone 05-02-2009 05:15 AM

Fave Cryptopsy album
After seeing the sales figures in the other thread, I'm VERY surprised that OWN has outsold NSV by such a long way, as most people I know who are into Cryptopsy like NSV best; there were also a lot of people who were not happy with OWN. It's probably due to other factors, like there being far more people listening to death metal in 2005 than in 1996, but I'm curious anyway.

Mol 05-02-2009 10:17 AM

Voted WS but to tell the truth it's a tie between WS and ATYB.

Morfumax 05-02-2009 11:27 PM

OWN, I really dont know why, but it just [iworks[/i]
actually every album in the discography is amazing, except TUK of course.

Refusal 05-03-2009 12:19 AM

WS for me!

SLIT YOUR GUTZ 05-03-2009 01:38 AM

NSV and OWN are pretty much tied for me, although I love all of Cryptopsy's disco except TUK. (I also own their whole disco, including the DVD).

Murko 05-03-2009 04:52 AM

Whisper for me

Jawd 05-24-2009 02:41 PM

NSV hands down for me.

Rodr-Evil 07-12-2009 01:54 PM

WS and NSV for me

YellowBrutalizer 07-12-2009 07:26 PM

BMF, so underrated

Rodr-Evil 07-13-2009 02:54 PM

Who voted TUK? :emot-LOL:

Greene 07-14-2009 11:39 AM

WS by far.

Cryptopsy w/ Mike DiSalvo was my favorite version of the band.

yeah yeah I know I suck.

UGH 07-15-2009 05:29 PM

NSV>OWN by the slimmest of margins.

Recapitated 07-15-2009 06:52 PM

NSV of course. then BMF

Cloaca 07-19-2009 11:42 AM

TUK: 1

What the fuck........

flayedandskinned 09-02-2009 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by Rodr-Evil (Post 3270163)
Who voted TUK? :emot-LOL:


flayedandskinned 09-02-2009 05:04 AM

and OWN owns.

Annoying Forum Cunt 09-03-2009 12:16 AM

voted NSV, second would be And then you'll beg. How the fuck does ATYB have 0? I'd re-vote if I could.

Scorched 09-20-2009 08:29 PM


switell 11-11-2009 09:28 AM

BMF -easily.

Curtain 11-13-2009 09:47 AM

I voted NSV, but I listened to BMF the other day and realised I like that one quite a lot too.

I do like all the albums though. Even though TUK isn't great, it's got some good moments. It's just not an amazing deathcore album, fairly straight-up.

Labyrinthofslumber 11-13-2009 10:21 AM

I'm still going to have to say NSV. The band was really pushing the boundaries of metal to a new extreme at that time and I think with Lord Worm, they had a vocalist that was on the same page as those playing the instruments. His highs and lows on that album are insane. They were excellent on BMF too, but with the combination of the instrumental technicality and Lord Worm's nonconventional vocals on None so Vile, that album is unmatched in my mind.

Moemers 03-29-2010 10:55 PM

Sorry, had to bump because I love this band so fucking much.

quartertone 04-10-2010 12:39 PM

So what's your fave then?

B.T.K. 04-13-2010 10:27 PM

Love 'em all!

Moemers 04-19-2010 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by quartertroll (Post 3508545)
So what's your fave then?

I'm still listening and getting it down.

But for now?


k.eight.a 01-25-2011 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by Scorched (Post 3324210)

Same for me.

IVV Deux 01-26-2011 03:53 AM

Like ultra-brutal Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all... or something. bOnana

My "favourite" shifts regularly like constellations in the sky - but for a while now, it's "And Then You'll Beg." \m/ >_< \m/ (at ya, Annoying Forum Cunt!)

AMAZING album... for me personally, Cryptopsy's perfect fusion of brutality & experimentation. All the way from "Blasphemy Made Flesh" to this album, I feel there was a real metamorphic progression. Perhaps putting their own psychotic spin on the "math" sound perfected at that time by bands like Dillinger Escape Plan.

Mike's vocals are maybe not AS violent as they were on "Whisper Supremacy," but they still have enough threat & menace to them.
All the musicians are set to KILL on this one; all while building up a unique, surreal ATMOSPHERE - not easy on extreme metal albums.
Favourite songs? *ALL*

+ Francois Quevillon's near-futuristic art design works BRILLIANTLY imo. And this album's touring cycle intro'ed the killer performances of Martin Lacroix (ex-Spasme) for 3 years, showcased on "None So Live."

Big-Al 06-01-2011 01:51 PM

NSV... though anything with Lord Worm works great :)

B.T.K. 12-14-2011 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by Greene (Post 3270890)
WS by far.

Cryptopsy w/ Mike DiSalvo was my favorite version of the band.

yeah yeah I know I suck.

RasmusNecro 05-23-2012 06:19 AM

None So Vile is a fucking classic!

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