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Brutal Bands 10-27-2012 06:33 PM

GUTTURAL SECRETE - "Nourishing The Spoil" - Pre-Order Now!

GUTTURAL SECRETE - "Nourishing The Spoil" - Now Available For Pre-Order!
Pre-Orders will ship out on January 29th - 3 weeks before the release date!

The highly anticipated follow up to Guttural Secrete’s Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment is finally upon us. Nourishing The Spoil marks the return of Nevada's most heinous discharge. Their long awaited second full length is an open floodgate of everything that is loathsome. Sustaining a vile mess in complex and off time rhythms, accompanied by smashing groove, cataclysmic breakdowns, and nauseating vocals. Brutal death grind fans will not be disappointed! The Spoil is in us all...

Track Listing :
01. Inhaling Corpulency
02. Stainless Conception
03. Serrated Impurities
04. Nourishing The Spoil
05. Deadened Prior To Coitus
06. Coprophilic Asphyxia
07. Truncation In Detail
08. Voyeuristic Engagement
09. Clotting The Vacant Stare

Through Brutal Bands, we are now offering the ultimate GUTTURAL SECRETE BB Package Deals - the full length CD, one of nine different shirt designs (sizes XXXL, XXL, XL, L, M, and S) in zip up hoodies, pull over hoodies, long sleeves, short sleeves, logos shirts, and girlies, along with an 18"x24" poster and 2 logo stickers!!! Order now as shirt sizes are limited, and these package deals will sell out! FlexFit hats, winter hats, and beanies are also available. All items will ship out on January 29th, 3 weeks before the release date.

In addition, pre-order a BB Package Deal before December 31st, and you will receive a FREE Your Soul Belongs To No God shirt, featuring artwork from Mark Riddick, limited and available only with BB Package Deals.

disgracerband 02-03-2015 09:19 AM

Re: GUTTURAL SECRETE - "Nourishing The Spoil" - Pre-Order Now!
great band

depravedatbirth 03-05-2018 11:58 AM

Re: GUTTURAL SECRETE - "Nourishing The Spoil" - Pre-Order Now!
Sick band

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