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nickdimaura 08-25-2011 05:34 AM

First off I am very excited for TEXTURES doing their first American tour. Very Excited! Ever since I heard Ostensibly Impregnable off Polars in 04/05 (?) I have been wanting too see ANYTHING from this album performed live and in person.

So, my question is this: Can us U.S.. TEXTURES fans expect to see any of the songs from that album be played on this tour?

I can imagine with the member changes and the tour supporting a brand new album, plus set times, ...and so on, could hinder that being possible, or planned for.

So, for that matter, could we expect to see songs from Polars still being played live in the future?

I speak for all the Textures fans in my city (and maybe my country) when I say: THAT WOULD BE BAD-ASS!!!

Thanks for all the great music. See you in Columbus, Ohio on September 28th.

Strikeofthebeast 08-26-2011 10:57 AM

Swandive is, as far as I'm aware, the only track from Polars they still play live (usually as the second song if my memory serves me well). In some rare cases they've also played Transgression or/and some parts from Polars itself (the riff that starts at 9:25), but that's about it. Before and shortly after the release of Drawing Circles, some other songs from Polars (like Ostensibly Impregnable and The Barrier) were more regularly part in the setlist as well.

I'm expecting Swandive to stay a part of the setlist, but I guess we'll have to wait and see ;)

r3t4rD4life 08-26-2011 01:24 PM

If they play Swandive I will crap myself, if they play Transgression I will be thrown into an epileptic seizure AND crap myself :emot-drun:emot-yum::emot-LOL:

nickdimaura 08-26-2011 01:28 PM

Hey, as long as we get one! Transgression and the Barrier. Are so f-ing fast. I wanna hear what the band has to say about this as well.

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