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mat-gorod 06-10-2011 03:58 PM

Transcendence EP available
The band decided to release its brand new EP "Transcendence" on its own label "Bud Records" !!

"Transcendence" will only be available at the band shows and on the Gorod online store (june 2011)… the EP will hit iTunes later on this year…

Gorod ultimate fans will be pleased to know that the EP will be available from may 23 at the Paris show (Glazart) on this European Invasion Tour !!

This new sound, that shows 45' of Gorod's universe and new way of musical approach, marks the end of the SciFi story started with "Neurotripsicks" and that led "Leading Vision" and "Process Of A New Decline"…. End of an era…


Track# 1: Earth Pus – ("Neurotripsicks" / 2004) – New version, re recorded, spring 2010.

Track# 2: Blackout: Renewed Souls – Acoustic version of Blackout ("Leading Vision" / 2006), re-written for classical guitars and percussions.

Track# 3: Textures – CYNIC cover ! – Recorded in 2008 with longtime friend, Tiko (Jenx), on drums.

Track# 4: Earth Pus: Salvation – Acoustic version of Earth Pus ("Neurotripsicks" / 2004), Re shapped with orchestral elements.

Track# 5: Transcendence – A brand new 15' piece ! Progressive, épic, outstanding ! …. while Ross Dolan(IMMOLATION) lends a hand to Guillaume on vocals, GOROD new singer, Julien "Nutz", do his first appearance ...

A 15' song, with different influences, new and old, mixed for a travel in Gorod's universe...

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