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Cool Rohan Player Guide

Rohan Race Guide
You could play six races in the MMORPG Rohan Online namely Human, Elf, Half Elf, Dark Elf, Dhan and Dekan.
Rohan Race
Human - Knight or Guardians
Elf - Priest or Templar
Half Elf - Ranger or Scout
Dark Elf - Wizard or Warlock
Dhan - Avenger or Predator
Dekan - Dragon Knight or Dragon Sage
Rohan Guide
Rohan Online CroneThe Rohan Human are race of virtue, strength and intelligence. Their first job is knight then once you reached level 50, you could choose from Knight and Guardians.
Rohan Elf is a spiritual race that is surrounded with magic and might. They have the ability to heal themselves or the other players. After level 50, you could either be a full-support (Priest) or a Templar, which you can deal physical and magical attacks.
The Rohan race Half Elf is an exploring race that combines speed with long distance. A Half Elf uses bows or crossbows in battle. They are the offspring of Human and Elf. First job is Archer and second jobs can be Ranger or Scout. The Rohan race Ranger kills their enemies with their arrow and dagger attacks using crossbow. While the scouts uses the combination of bows and magical attack to kill all their enemies at once.
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