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Semi-official "Raise the Stakes" tab

I was able to import into Guitar Pro 5 the standard notation version I made of "Raise the Stakes" when I was transcribing/learning it long ago. Attached is a ZIP file of my guitar part in GP5, which is more or less what Andrew played on the album. (Here is a ZIP file of a PDF if you don't have GP5.) Sean's is basically the same until it splits into harmony, but if you're one guitar player you're not going to do both parts, are you? Surely not.

I did not include Andrew's solo because I don't play live what Andrew played at all. I figured it was better to leave just the power chords there if anyone wanted to play along with the recording.

I also didn't include very many articulations or techniques; palm muting, vibrato, etc. If you listen to the recording you should be able to tell where these would apply in relation to this transcription.

Now that I know it's relatively easy to import standard notation into GP5, I will probably do it for a few more songs that I have. Keep your eyes peeled...
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