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The metal world lost a legend last night. A guitar player that stood head and shoulders above the vast majority of copycat metal axemen. Piggy was a true pioneer and visionary along with his bandmates in VOIVOD. We, in our metal circles, called them "Piggy chords" that he played. A style of playing and a sound that he made up himself. An approach that was unprecedented. Pure genius. His was a style that was effortless and uplifting. I will never forget him laughing while telling me that whenever he saw Voivod guitar tablature in a magazine, it was always wrong. The authors could never figure out what Piggy was playing so they always created these complex looking chordal structures. Piggy would laugh as he showed me how simple his actual approach was, and how his chords were created purely by sense of sound and feel as opposed to some technical nonsense. I cannot begin to express how devastated all of us are feeling right now. Piggy was a friend, an inspiration to all that knew him. A musician's musician. A kind man with a very jovial and otherworldy spirit. I know he is at peace now. Crisis toured extensively with VOIVOD and all I can feel now is guilt for not keeping in touch with him over the last many years. Ironically, VOIVOD had just become our label mates and we were very excited at the possibillty of touring with them again after many years. Now those hopes seem dashed. Such is life. All of us in Crisis extend our deepest condolences to Piggy's family, his girlfriend, and the rest of VOIVOD. Piggy my friend, you will be sorely missed, but your amazing music will live on forever, especially since it was music that was eons ahead in time of the rest of the metal world----Afzaal
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