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Coolest Review EVER...

I just had to post this one in here:

It's damn cool to shock someone, specially if that someone is into so-called brutal music. Putting Cannibal Corpse & Co. to the kindergarden was also something like "mission accomplished" for me - even when that was just a subjective statement from Tuba.

This review proves once again, that Grind-Core is not for the weak listeners, who expect to understand the whole content during the 1st spin.

I have also noticed that it is much more entertaining to read these real/true opinion. Majority are working with scale of 6...9, and it's sometimes damn hard to understand the difference of 6, 7, 8 and 9. 2/10 is a statement from a person who really hated this mini-CD. I wish that we can drag this dude into one of our live-shows some day to do a live-review.

May the sound rot forever!

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