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Last distro news:

COFFIN ROT (Usa) A monument to the dead Tape. Old school death

DEATH POWER (Fra) Vivisection Demos 1987 CD. Old school thrash (Rerelease of old demos)

DEHYDRATED (Slovakia) And death shall have no dominion MCD. Death metal/ Old brutal death

HATS BARN (Fra) Voices of the ultimate possession Tape. Black metal (Member of Lord ketil, Antilife)

HELL FURY (Ecuador) Enemy of the virtue (Blaspheme and crush the cross) Demo tape. Raw black metal

HELL TORMENT (Peru) Cursed nazarene MCD. Bestial black death

KORPSESOTURI (Fin) Malus corpus Tape. Death metal, the old raw, obscure and brutal way.

MASSIVE POWER (Chile) Breaking your head Demo tape. Old school thrash

MORBID ILLUSION (Sweden) In the crypt of the stifled CD. Death metal with evil brutal death influences (Reminds me old old Insision, Deviant, Morbid angel)

PAZUZU (Costa rica)/ MORBID PERVERSION (Bra) Split tape. Old school death, doom/ Old school death

TERATOMA (Spa) In the inside​.​.​. Reborn the flesh MCD. Death metal, old brutal death (Reminds me of old Deranged, Cannibal corpse & old Illdisposed)

DEVIL (Bra) Legion Tape. Fast black metal (Reminds me of old Marduk, Allegiance...)

ARCHENTERUM (Fra) ...ainsi fut Ab?me CD. Death/ Black

VORACIOUS SCOURGE (Usa) Our demise MCD. Old brutal death meets Death metal (Members of suture, Despondency, Suffocation...)
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