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The disto was updated with LOW PRICES and 2ND HAND stuffs:

ESM ‎(Cze) nESMysl Pro CDr. Jazz/ Noise/ Experimental

INFAMY (Fra) A World on its end CD. Black metal/ Black thrash

MIND RIPPER (Fra) Kahos Humana CD. Black death. Members of Decent, Cortege funebre.

MINOY (Usa) ‎? Sum Sum Soo Tape. Experimental/ Ambient/ Spoken word

NECROFAGO (Bra) Brutal mutilation CD. 2nd hand. Old black death.
(Compilation of old demos from 87-88).
2nd hand CD: There are little scars under the disk, but plays fine.

NIGHTLY GALE (Pol) Illusion of evil CD. Doom/ Experimental/ Blackened doom

NOCTURNAL FEAR (Usa) For of war CD. 2nd hand. Old school thrash.
2nd hand CD: The booklet is a bit folded, the CD in perfect condition

PERDISIAN (Uk) Minds of the weak MCD. Melodic death

PESTICIDES (Ger) Emptiness Demo CD. Death metal/ Brutal death

TIER INSTINCT (Usa) In through this devour CD. Cardboard sleeve.
Dark ambient/ Industrial/ Obscure

VOMITOS Y REFLUJOS (Chile)/ ROTTEN RECTUM (Serbia) Split tape. Gory death grind/ Grindcore
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