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Last distro news:

BLACK INVOCATION (Bra) Chaos - Triumph - A new beginning Tape. Black metal in the 90's style.

COAGULATE (Usa) The art of cryptosis Demo tape. Death metal influenced by old finnish sounds and obscure death.

GILGAXAR (Indonesia) Aberration intentional Demo tape. Death metal/ Early brutal death

HELLFIRE (China) The seven gates in hell MCD. Old school thrash.

MASS BURIAL (Spa) Breeding plagues CD. Death metal influenced by old swedish sounds.

NUCLEAR DEVASTATION (Hol) Take this torch Demo tape. Old school thrash/ speed with punk influences.

PHOBOPHILIC (Usa) Undimensioned identities MCD. Old school death with an obscure side.

PUTREFACTOR (Fra) Rehearsal '91 Tape. Old death metal/ thrash. Rerelease of an old recording. (Underground sound)

THE NEGATION (Fra) Paths of obedience Tape. Fast black metal

BLAST BITCH (Argentina) Sociedad manipulada MCD. Death metal/ Old death grind. (A bit like early Bloodduster without the groove parts).

XIPE TOTEC (Mex) Miquian CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death. Not unlike old Nile or some Morbid angel. (Members of Foeticide, Pyphomgertum)

Fanzine: DEADLY ILLNESS zine (Hungary) issue 6: Abhorrent funeral, Disharmonic orchestra, Burnt decay, Sedation therapy, Mirage, Fatamorgana, Boris Groh, Wmn, Taser/ Usko, Deer creek/ Game two recs, Dexen, gigatron 2000, Gawthrop, Raymond St Jean (Film director of an HP Lovecraft movie)... Fanzine about death metal, doom sludge, punk hardcore etc
46 pages. A4. In english. 2020

*** SHIPPING: The french postal service is almost back to normal. The last weeks I sucessfully sent packages to european countries, including Germany, Uk, Belgium, Norway, Greece, etc. So shipping to Europe shouldn't be a problem, unless your country is extremely locked.
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