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Last distro news:

BLETSIAN (Australia) He who hates Demo tape. Raw black death/ War metal

BOLOTO (Rus) Культ маски Tape. Raw black metal, not unlike early Impiety

CRUCIFIRE (Australia) NOCTURNAL VOMIT (Gre) Split tape. Death black/ Black death

END OF MANKIND (Fra) Faciem Diaboli Tape album. Black metal. (Members of Antaeus, Eternal majesty,..)

IMMOLATED (Bra) Pleasure of death Demo tape. Satanic brutal death

THE OCCULT (Russia) Necropolis Tape album. Death metal with swedish influence (Members of Gosudar)

TRAUMA (Pol) Invisible reality + promo 1991 CD. Old school death (Rerelease of old demos from 91 and 93)

SAD (Gre)/ DOMOS (Colombia) Guided by the chants from the other side Split CD. Black metal
(Memeber of Slaughtered Priest, Necrochakal, Obsecration...)

BEYOND LIFE (Pol) Everything dies Demo tape. Dark ambient/ Black metal/ Drone
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