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Last distro news:

BAST?RD (Russia) From the dark ages CD. Old school black speed/ Heavy, sounds like eavy Venom or early Bathory.

CHESTCRUSH (Uk) Demo tape. Blackened death/ Obscure death

CORPSEHAMMER (Swe/ Chile) Metal de la muerte CD. Black metal with black thrash and black death moments, sounds quite 90's infused.

DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Necromancy, damnation, revenge Tape. Old school black/ death/ thrash the south-american way.

EVIL MADNESS (Chile) Hidden behind the cross MCD. Old school thrash. (Members of Dekapited, Invincible force...)

GRIM EXISTENCE (Uk) Expansion of reality Demo tape. Death metal/ Hardcore in the quite heavy 90's style. Reminds some mid old Bolt thrower, early Illdisposed, Slayer...

HELL POISON (Bra) Burn with me CD Old school speed/ Black/ Thrash/ influenced by the 80's style.

MORBID SACRIFICE (Ita)/ VOMITMANTIK (Ita) Split tape. Black death in a quite bestial style. (Members of Uncreation, Deathfucker...)

OSSUAIRE (Fra) Mortes fables CD. Digipack. Death metal/ Dark death

PYRE (Rus)/ ENTRAPMENT (Hol) Split MCD. Death metal in the old swedish style.

REVELER (Usa) The hour of fright Demo tape. Old school death

TERRORAZOR (Ger) Abysmal hymns of disgust Tape. Grindcore/ Death grind in a 90's/ early 00's manner. (Members of Nocturnal, Withburner...)

UNBLESSED FORCE (Russia) Blackened speed damnation Demo tape. Black thrash/ Black speed with underground sound.

WOMBRIPPER (Rus) Infected tomb MCD. Death metal in the old swedish style.
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