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Last distro news:

CATHARTIC (Mex) Ceremonial resurrection Demo tape. Obscure and crushing death metal/ Death doom

DETONATOR (Hungary) Demo 1990 MCD. Old thrash/ Black thrash (Rerelease of old demo)

EXCESSUM (Swre) Death redemption Tape. Black metal

FEACES CHRIST (Ger) Eat shit and die! MCD Old death metal/ Punk. Sounds like a mix of Abcess, early swedish death and perhaps Death breath. ,

MEURTRIERES (Fra) Meurtrieres MCD. Nwobhm/ Old school heavy metal.

NECROTOMY (Hungary) Inhuman mankind CD. Old death metal (Rerelease of old demos from the 90's)

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa)/ HATEVOMIT (Turkey) Split MCD. Old school death/ Black death. (Studio recording for both)

NUNSLAUGHTER (Usa)/ PAGANFIRE (Philippines) Split CD. Old school death/ Old school thrash
Live recordings for both bands, for fans of the old raw underground.

SEPULCHRAL FROST (Swe) Frozen entrapment Demo tape. Death doom

SUBJECT (Hungary) Inevitable...Inimitable...Unexcelled CD. Old school death (Rerelease of demos from the 90's)

ANGERSEED (Hungary) Forever burning hatred MCD. Brutal death/ Death metal, in a quite old styled raw manner (Sounds a bit like old Sinister, old Brodequin, old Cannibal corpse, Severe torture...)

NXBX/ Nabeg/ God Pussy/ Eine Stunde Merzbauten/ 886VG/ Estupo/ PMNT - Split tape. Noise/ Grind jazz/ Experimental


Skelethal, Decline of the I, Cristalys, Arbre, Bubonic records... + chroniques.

MORTEM ANIMALIUM Zine (Spa) issue 2
Genocide shrines, Intemperator, Wormlust, Emanation, Liturgia maleficarum, Manifesting, Nefandus, Sangre de muerdago, Sapientia, Svartidaudi... + reviews.

DEVILMENT Zine (Uk) Issue 7
Martire, Bombarder, Ripper, Atlantean kodex, Denial of god, Possessor, Ares, Algebra, Burning saviours, Transatlantic rat's atom... + Reviews.
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