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Last distro news:

ANATOMIA (Jap) Dissected humanity CD. Old school death/ Death doom, influenced by old Autopsy. (Reissue of the first album with different artwork)

BAST?RD (Russia) From the dark ages tape. Old school black speed/ Heavy, sounds like eavy Venom or early Bathory.

DERELENISMO OCCULERE (Ecuador) Inexorable revelaci?n Demo tape. Raw black metal

GUNGNIR (Gre) Ragnar?k MCD. Viking black metal (Member of Hate manifesto, Chaosbaphomet, Vomit church)

LIQUID FLESH (Fra) Chair liquide CD. Digipack. Old school death/ Death'n roll (Sounds like a mix of mid old Carcass, Obituary, Master, mid old Entombed)

MENTAL SLAVERY (Russia) Kill for peace Demo tape. Old styled thrash metal

PERVERSION (Usa) Archaic death metal Demo tape. Old school death

SERPENT'S ORDER (Gre) Watchers of the future MCD. Black death

SLAUGHTER WITCH (Usa) Demo'18 Tape. Old school death

SURGERY (Slovakia) Descent/ Pulled by the rope Tape. Death metal/ Old brutal death (Sounds like Cannibal corpse, mid old Carcass)

DURTHANG (Croatia) Murderer and a thief Tape. Black metal/ Atmospheric/ Doomy black. Sounds quite 90's.
XUTHAL (Usa) The reclusive dynasty Demo tape. Raw black metal



The distro was updated with more Low prices CDs/ Tapes/ CDrs and some bonus stuffs!

JIYUNA! ‎(Usa) The Devil Is Waiting In The Palace... ...Rush Courageously CD. Post hardcore/ Screamo

TERLARANG (Malaysia)/ DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND (Hol) Split tape. Grindcore fast hardcore/ Harsh grind noise.

NIHILIST SCUM (Rus)/ DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND (Hol) Split tape. Raw noisecore/ Noise

PRIPJAT (Serbia) Peta Godina Dekontaminacije Demo tape. Hardcore/ Punk hardcore

THORHAMMER (Usa) Indomitable promo CDr. Thrash metal

BONEBREAKER (Bra) The hedonist way of being Promo CDr. Thrash metal

INHUMANOISE (Bra) Overdose with lethal dosis of noise, drugs and caos... Demo tape. Special packaging. Noise/ Harsh noise

INSOLENCIA (Portugal) Apatia Demo tape. Special packaging. Drone/ Noise

SEDATIVE (Fra) Loboca?ne CD. Death grind (Member of Mulk, Whourkr)

PIERCE THORAX (Hol) Machine control diagnostic tool CD. Breakcore/ Drum'n bass/ Jungle/ Industrial

ALCANTARILLIA (Spa) Deterioro cognitivo Mini CDr. Grind noise

NECROBITCH/ HENRY C. RIAL/ KOOBAATOO ASPARAGUS Split CDr. Noise, Dark Ambient, Experimental
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