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Last distro news:

CHAINS OV BELETH (Spa) Christeos chaos Tape. Black metal/ Fast black metal

COSMIC PUTREFACTION (Ita) At the threshold of the greatest chasm Tape. Obscure death/ Black death

CULT OF HORROR (Bra) Hermetik heretik CD. Old school black speed/ Black thrash (Members of Whipstriker, Flagelad?r, Tyranno)

CYANIDE GRENADE (Russia) Kind of virus CD. Old styled thrash metal, sounds like old Kreator, Nuclear assault, a bit of old Sodom...

DARKENED (Swe) Into the blackness Demo tape. Old school death/ Death doom with big sound.

FORSAKEN GRIEF (Swe) Death metal '91 '92 Tape. Old school death. Rerelease of old demo.

HOVMOD (Nor) Doedsformasjon Tape. Black metal, sounds kinda like old Immortal

HUMAN SERPENT (Gre) The gradual immersion in nihilism Tape. Black metal

OBLITERATION (Nor) Cenotaph obscure Tape. Death metal

PARASITE CROWD (Hungary) Feasting parasites CD. Death/ grind influenced by Napalm death

REVELATOR (Can) Revelator II Demo tape. Black metal/ Black death, sounds a bit like old Sacramentum/ Dissection, but globally in a more traditional BM approach (Members of Begrime exemious, Weapon)

TIRAN (Russia) No gods, no masters MCD. Cardboard sleeve. Old school thrash

BODY HARVEST (Uk) Futile creation CD. Old brutal death/ Death metal
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