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Last distro news:

-DEMOLISHING (Chile) Ascension Tape. Black metal/ Black thrash

-GUDEN AV SORG (Chile) Live warlust & darkness Tape. Black metal

-LUX NIGRUM (Chile) Burning the Eternal Return Tape. Raw black metal

-BUCKSHOT FACELIFT (Usa) Ulcer island CD. Grindcore/ Powerviolence/ Crust (Members of Artificial brain, Afterbirth, Biolich)

-THE GRIEVING PROCESS (Usa) Assimilated deformation CD. Brutal death/ Deathcore (Not the melodic style)

-HELLFUCKING METAL (Ger) Issue 4: Nocturnal vomit, Manzer, Obscure burial, Iron pegasus recs. Necrolepsy, Diabolical demon director, Dark messiah, Pustulation, Complete necro, Jim Tsallos, Hierophants descent, Convixion, Balmos... + Reviews, articles...

-HELLFUCKING METAL (Ger) Issue 3: Assassin, Midnight, Communion, Destroyer 666, Bone sickness, Sadokist, Ocean of zero, Black grail, Slaughtered priest, Black feast Crucifixxx sodomy, Veinen... + Reviews.

-METAL HORDE (Uk) Issue 23: Gravewards, Apokalyptic raids, Analepsy, Taphos nomos, Aversio humanitatis, Biolence, St?lker... + Reviews, live reports.
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