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NIHILISTIC: Last distro news
It?s the right time to order something if you want to receive before Christmas!

CRYPTWORM (Uk) Cryptworm Demo tape. Old school death

BAST?RD (Russia) Black steel attack CD. Old school black speed/ thrash, (Contains covers of Venom, Nifelheim, Mot?rhead, Kat, Urn and more)

HELLRAZOR (Swe) Hellraiser Demo tape. Old school speed/ heavy... Sounds like a mix of Motorhead, Venom, early Mercufyl fate

HUMUGUR (Hungary) Bring decay to an end Tape. Old school brutal death/ Neanderthal death metal. Sounds like a mix of Brodequin, Cannibal corpse.

BAHKAUV (Ger) Der Lavenstein Tape. Dungeon synth

LIVE BURIAL (Uk) Forced back to life CD. Old school death

LOTUS CIRCLE (Gre) Bottomless vales and boundless floods Demo tape. Dark ambient/ Black/ Drone doom

MASSIVE DESTRUCTION (Swe) Demo 2020 Tape. Old school thrash (Ex member of Unanimated, Damnation)

AD ARMA ‎(Ger) Stalingrad Demo tape. Black metal


CRYPT OF DR GORE (Fra) Zine issue 3
Eternal majesty, Putrid offal, Gergovia, Fleshgod, Necroscum, Iron flesh, Sledzie Zaglady, Slaveone, Azziard, La commune... + Chroniques.
44 pages. A5. In french. 2020

METAL HORDE (Uk) Zine issue 25
Vomit spell, Vultures vengeance, Dayal Patterson, Nihility, Into the tomb zine, Alastair riddell, Total consumption, Dungeon, Marianas rest... + Reviews.
64 pages. A5. In english. 2020
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