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NIHILISTIC Distro wishes you a happy new year (If possible?)

Here are the last distro news, with many new tapes and some CDs.

Last distro news:

BLACK RITE (Gre) Nocturnal creed MCD. Fast black metal (Member of Ceremonial Worship)

CHAOSHORDE (Gre) Hordes arising Demo tape. Blackened thrash/ Old school thrash

COFFINBIRTH (Chile) Desde la fosa com?n Tape. Old school death/ Blackened death. (Member of Orategod, Unblessed)

CRYPTWORM (Uk) Cryptworm Demo tape. Old school death

GOATVERMIN (Fra) Detruire Tape. Brutal black death

GRAVEYARD (Spa)/ NECRO (Ita) Split tape. Death metal

NECROCCULTUS (Mex) Solemnelohim, Bringer of death MCD. Digipack. Old school and crushing Death metal obscurity.

PAZUZU (Costa rica)/ MORBID PERVERSION (Bra) Split tape. Old school death, doom/ Old school death

SEKKUSU (Usa) Satyr?mania Tape. Old school thrash/ Old thrashing punk hardcore. (Members of Demon bitch, Sewercide)

TENEBRION (Peru) Tenebrion Demo tape. Thrash metal/ Black thrash

THRONEUM (Pol) Deathcult conspiracy Tape. Death metal/ Satanic death

VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina) Fatal Assault Demo tape. Old school black thrash/ black death (Regular tape with hand written name, pro cover)

GRAB (Gre) Praying at the whorehouse church MCD. Digipack. Raw simple black metal. (Members of Dodsferd)

INHUMANITY VORTEX (Pol) Reverse engineering MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal with brutal death influences, and a ?technical? tortured aspect... Given for free in orders.

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