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Last distro news:

EVIL DAMN (Peru) Advance Tape. Death metal/ Satanic death
Special packaging, comes with bonus badge. (Members of Goat semen, Disinter, Saram)

FORDAERV (Den)/ KOKAIN (Den)/ BONEJAMMER (Den) Split tape. Grind powerviolence/ Hardcore punk/ Crusty punk metal

LIGAEDER (Denmark) Den tomme menneskehed Tape. Death metal with crust influences, sounds close to old swedeath.

LIQUID FLESH (Fra) Chair liquide CD. Digipack. Old school death/ Death'n roll (Sounds like a mix of mid old Carcass, Obituary, Master, mid old Entombed)

NEVERTANEZRA (Usa) NTNR CD. Doom death, sounds like early My dying bride.(Member of Malignant inception)

PINEBLOOD (Belarus) Within the wooden flesh Demo tape. Black metal, close to the semi melodic 90s style.

RANCOROUS (Usa) Vultures will gather Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Blackened thrash

SUNKEN (Denmark) Livslede Tape. Black metal, atmospheric but still quite "raw".

EMBALSAMADO (Bra) Vasta escurid?o Tape. Old school doom black, quite obscure. (Members of Hellkommander, Flagelad?r, Tyranno...). Special packaging, with poster etc...

VULT?R (Bra) Vis?es do fim Tape. Old school speed/ heavy/ Punk'n roll.
Special packaging, with poster etc.

DEVASTATION (Croatia) Ground zero/ In memoriam Tape. Thrash metal, close to the old 80's american genre.

HAIR COLOR ANOMALY (Fra) The stench of ginger kingdom Demo CDr. Underground grindcore(Member of iost, Ad patres...)

NUCLEAR WINTER (Ger) Zine issue 1: Nuctemeron, Gallower, Hexecutor, Black rat, Amorphia, Bitchhammer, Bunker 66, Messerschmitt... + reviews.
84 pages. A5. In english. 2020
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