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Last distro news:

AYYUR (Tunisia) Balkarnin Demo tape. Black metal (With Shaxul on drums)

BARBATOS (Jap) Raw WAR, sexxx, beer and blasphemy mania in hungary ReHELLSal tape. Raw black metal/ Black thrash.

DEPRAVED (Fra) Raped innocence CD. Digipack. Death grind/ Death metal, with blackened touches and a big sound. (Member of Mortuary)

MORBOSIDAD (Usa) Enterrados vivos en la tumba de Moscow CD. Bestial black death

ИЛ (Rus) Образ пустоты Tape. Doom/ Death doom/ Sludge

RIPPED TO SHREDS (Ta?wan/ Usa) 埋葬 CD. Death metal influenced by the old swedish style, with massive production.

SACCAGE (Can) Khaos mortem CD. Digipack. Kicking black thrash/ crust/ old school death. (Members of Atroce)

SPIDVICH (Rus) Мёртвая голова/ Death's Head Tape. Raw black metal/ Punk

THE CRAWLING CHAOS (Russia) Стерилизация преданных слуг Demo tape. Dark black/ doom/ sludge with strange experimental influences and a saxophone.

BLASPHEMOUS NOISE TORMENT (Ita) Blood purge Demo CDr. Obscure black death (Sounds like early Archgoat from the 90's)

3RD FROM THE SUN (Fra) 3rd from the sun CD. Digipack. Industrial thrash/ metal with old punk hardcore and post punk influences. Sounds like Prong, Voivod, perhaps Killing joke or a bit of Pestilence (Spheres)...

KATHARSIS 666 (Pol) Total beast Demo tape. Fast blasting black metal

TUSSOCK (Malaysia) Out of rhyme Demo tape. Grind crust, in a quite old school manner.

UNHOLY WAR (Ger) Unholy war Tape. Black thrash (Contains songs from the first demo and split)

DISPARO! (Australia) Hands in the middle Demo tape. Punk hardcore/ Fastcore/ Grindcore
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