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Re: DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Necromancy, damnation, revenge Tape out now!

More reviews of DEATH INVOKER has appeared!

Death Invoker has put forth a cassette release of their previous EP “Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge”. On the French label Nihilistic Holocaust. It features some pretty sick artwork that you would probably find tattooed on a deranged killer in a South American prison. Hailing from Lima, these Peruvian blackened metal thrashers have been spreading Satan’s seed since 2005.
The intro, ‘Magnificent Invocation’, is a little over two minutes. I would have liked to seen some more pertinent material from the band on a cassette with such a short track list. But an atmosphere is achieved. The second track, ‘Divination Through Death Spirits’, was excluded from the previous EP cut for time. This track fuckin bangs! My personal favorite of “Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge”. The fat fucking bridge of this song coupled with catchy chorus of the title and the classic echoing vocals, make me want to walk the left hand path. ‘Destroy The Cross’ is the last track and it is right up there with ‘Divination Through Death Spirits’. Again a fairly beefy tempo change on the bridge and some picking riffs and a dissonant solo. Strong track. The other song, Withes Hammer, failed to grow on me.
This “Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge” cassette was my introduction to Death Invoker. Definitely happy to have listened and makes me want to check out earlier stuff to see if and how they have progressed. “Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge” combines thrash blackened old school with a pinch of satanic pustules that I enjoyed.
3.5 / 5 STARS

Ah, some South American Extreme Metal with the attitude and spirit when you take pictures on a cemetery while your drummer has a Mohawk and when brothers in a certain Brazilian band were called “Max Possessed” and “Igor Skullcrusher”.
Death Invoker from Peru, containing the perverted combo Morbid Devastator, Unholy Perversor and Bestial Lust know how to combine the old unholy trinity of Death, Thrash and Black Metal of the early and mid-80s. Although the sound isn’t quite like those days, less hazy and rehearsal room like, it does has the right DIY-vibe going. At first released by Picture from Hell and Sociedade dos Mortos on 7” vinyl in 2018, Nihilistic Holocaust released it on the good old K7 with an additional track, “Divination through Death Spirits”, that wasn’t included on the vinyl version.
Tape enthusiasts with fondness for old Sarcofago, Sodom, Necrodeath and Sepultura will enjoy this for sure! (Ricardo)

On peut toujours faire confiance ? Nihilistic Holocaust pour gratter la terre du black thrash le plus cradingue et y d?terrer ces hosties crouteuses qui ne peuvent de toute fa?on prolif?rer que dans la bauge de l'underground le plus evil. Sa nouvelle production est le "Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge" de Death Invoker, b?te p?ruvienne dont le sobriquet des (alors) trois membres - Morbid Devastaror, Bestial Lust et Unholy Perversor - en r?sume ? lui seul la teneur. Car, ? l'instar de la plupart des hordes barbares venues d'Am?rique du Sud, le trio ne d?roge pas ? la r?gle d'un black sale comme le sang menstruel et copulant avec ses grands fr?res, thrash et death metal.
Ce petit quart d'heure de bestialit? latine n'est toutefois pas nouvelle puisque d?j? vomie en 2018 sous la forme d'un 7'' par l'entremise du br?silien Pictures From Hell. Pour l'occasion, le titre 'Divination Through Death Spirit', initialement grav? pour ce EP mais retir? de l'?dition d'origine, compl?te le menu dans une version sensiblement diff?rente de celle du split "Impure Spirits Of Destruction" au sein duquel ce morceau a ?chou?. Vous ?tes perdus ? C'est normal mais c'est aussi ce qui fait le charme morbide de ces groupuscules aux discographies aussi bord?liques que leur musique.
La bonne vieille tape des familles une fois lanc?e, les remugles occultes de l'intro 'Magnificient Evocation' r?pandent le suaire sinistre d'une c?r?monie nich?e dans les replis caverneux d'une intimit? obscure. Une fois la porte du caveau b?ante, la mort peut ensuite s'?chapper, ?pousant la forme miasmatique de ce 'Divination Through Death Spirits', ? l'entame biberonn?e au pur heavy metal avant de galoper dans un charnier aux multiples cassures. A son ?coute, on se demande bien pourquoi le 45 tours originel a ?t? ?nucl?? de cette excellente saillie. 'Witches Hammer' puis 'destroy The Cross' sont taill?s dans le m?me bois, celui qui fait cramer les ?glises avec un son primaire et cette mani?re de capter les t?n?bres dans ce qu'elles on de plus malsain et cruel, qui n'appartient d?finitivement qu'aux vilains d'Am?rique du Sud, avec en sus, dans le cas de Death Invoker, une propension ? ?carter les l?vres des abysses pour y plonger un manche pesant et macabre.
Alternant ?ruption de pus et coups de boutoir m?phitiques, "Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge" rumine ce black thrash dont le caract?re primitif ne le vide pas d'ambiances sinistres ? souhait, comme seules les caves abritant des c?r?monies incantatoires peuvent en r?gurgiter.

The necessity of tapes exemplified! Death Invoker, a Peruvian horde, have gone through some lineup changes, but the intent remains the same - relentless extreme metal in the style of the classics. "I met Unholy Perversor in 2003 in a Metal store. Then we got contact and spoke from time to time to play raw, bestial and classical extreme Metal. Everything finally started once we met Beast of Holocaust on 2005." In 2019, Unholy Perversor self-exiled. "Just he decided to go off from Death Invoker (and even his other band), because of personal decisions. So, I took guitar too, in addition of bass/vocals. Now Death Invoker continues as a duo. We have already recorded for 4 productions with this duo line up." That duo is rounded out by drummer Bestial Lust, since 2007. "The only fact is that we summon elder spirits of extreme Metal and unleash our necromantic noise, trying to put our own characteristics. Once we were called "Morbid and Unholy Peruvian Metal Bestiality", “Necromantical Metal of Death, “Necromantic Deathrash”, etc."
Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge was originally released on 7", however Death Invoker were forced to omit the opening track, "Damnation Through Death Spirits". I received some explanation on this from main man Morbid Devastator. "We recorded "Divination…" originally for the 7EP, but it was excluded because of factory issues. At first, the EP would be released in Europe and the label asked for twenty minutes. But there were troubles. Finally, the EP was released in South America and the label and factory asked for fifteen minutes. So, we decided to take out “Divination…” which in fact was the newest, longest and the last (song) we had recorded at that time." Thankfully, Nihilistic Holocaust has solved this problem by releasing this excellent material in totality.
I hear the influence of mainly early Slayer, Sepultura, and Sodom but stripped of all semblance of complicating technicality. The production is ancient, and underground sounding, at times even emitting a Celtic Frost value. The major difference comes in the throat of bassist and vocalist Morbid Devastator who prefers a gruff lower growl than the wailing high pitches of Araya or mid-range rasps of Angelripper. This deeper vocal performance combined with lots of echo and reverb should be reminiscent of Blasphemy, or Mystifier. Maybe some of the Greek scene pokes through as well. I ear-checked my impressions. "In general, ancient and raw Metal as: Sarc?fago, Sepultura, Vulcano, Sextrash, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Venom, Possessed, Death, Slayer; just to mention the classics, in addition of other raw noises from the entire ancestral Metal legions."
There is a subtle occult atmosphere to the tape, set in motion by the longish two-minute intro. The intro, which Death Invoker deemed important enough to remain in full on the 7" - important enough that it would have been worth omitting a full track for - sets an appropriate tone, with wailing distant moans and synths rumbling on in the foreboding melody of D#, F, A at first and then C and F. Maybe slightly longer than needed, but a solid introduction to the previously omitted track, "Damnation Through Death Spirits." In truth, though, it is "Witches Hammer" that stands out to me as the most classically influenced track present and reminds me of Slayer more than the other two non-intro offerings.
The layout does not provide any hints as to the lyrical content, so I asked Morbid Devastator about this facet of the band. Regarding my favorite on the album, he alluded to the historical treatment towards those deemed witches. "'Witches Hammer' is related to the so called blasphemous acts of the so called witches, and punishment they suffered, although this, an eternal curse was unleashed." Elaborating further, "Death Invoker takes obscure events of history to be used as a manifestation of dark stuff along human life. In addition to death mysteries, ancient rituals, abominable mythology, obscure damnations, Metal apologies and morbid hallucinations."
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