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Thanks a fuckin' lot man. I've been looking for this forever... It's really cool to hear the demo songs realized in full form. Well, not full form of course, though they sound better than the wall of hiss on the first demo. Embryonic Regordation kicks ass like it always did... Kinda disappointed that they didn't include Culinary Pathology, as that was probably the most complex one on the demo... It actually had some decent leads!

A few things though... The song order's all messed up. Pyathrotic Discorporation and Embryonic Regordation are linked together, and the rest are improperly titled. A bit confusing, not to mention that Cadaveric Splatter Platter is actually a different song I've never heard of altogether. In fact the last two, the one labeled CSP and the one labeled Untitled, I don't think those have ever appeared anywhere else. Do you know what they are? Does anyone? Maybe one of the guys could shed some light on this...

And again, if anyone has Breakin' The Law or the metal version of Material Girl, don't hesitate to share that too!

Oh, and thanks a whole fuckin' lot again, man!
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