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Re: 2020 album discussion thread

If you listen to a band that flies a Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging flag you're a scumbag plain and simple. Oh, but you're a noble defender of free speech and artistic purity. Let's see how long you'd stick to that one if it were a band of Islamic militants singing about white genocide. Or a band of "SJW" anti-fascists singing about killing and silencing all explicit or implicit NS sympathizers. Oh sure, one in a thousand would be the truly enlightened psychotic fuck who would do that. Otherwise, give me a fucking break. The vast majority of the time this art and free speech monologue is nothing but a smokescreen for tacitly condoning white supremacy. And we've got people constantly lamenting how there's so much amazing music coming out constantly that there's no time to listen to it all. Yet somehow there's always plenty of time to listen to this garbage? Fuck off and die.
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