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Nailed bio/history

Despite their ties to the incestuous Anathema/Cradle Of Filth/My Dying Bride family tree, and their geographic origins, West Yorkshire Extreme Metal act NAILED bear little resemblance to predecessors who have hailed from the same fertile Northern breeding ground. Instead their sound draws influences from the Florida and Swedish Death Metal scenes, whilst also accepting the baton from British grind forefathers Napalm Death and Carcass.

Coming together in the summer of 2000, NAILED was formed following the disintegration of West Yorkshire Black Metal hopefuls In Dying Grace. Exiled from In Dying Grace, drummer Garth Wray set about pursuing a direction that aligned itself more with the Death Metal scene. Joining this embryonic line-up was guitarist/vocalist Mass Firth, formerly of Blasphemer/Dominion (Peaceville Records) and briefly Ebony Lake (Cacophonous). They recorded first demo 'Every Possible Ugliness' at the end of January 2001. Then, in late July the band were selected to appear on the bill at Wakefield's Clarence Park festival, at this moment in time Yorkshire's longest running free music festival. The band capitalised on the subsequent increase in interest by undertaking further dates, before bowing out at the end of the year opening for NILE and BEHEMOTH.

The band then entered Phonic Twist studios in April of 2002 to record their second Demo CD "Calculated Act Of Murder", which showcased their improved technical skills, and it was at this time that Paul Cuthbert joined the band on guitar, reinvigorating their sound.

2003 saw the band touring 'Calculated Act Of Murder' in earnest, and included support slots with AREA 54 (Casket Music) and UNSANCTUM (Cacophonous), and travelling all over the UK. Throughout 2004 the band consolidated their reputation as a devastating live act by gigging further afield, firstly headlining The Battle Of Britain heats in London, and subsequently heading over to Northern Ireland for dates with Gore-fiends PUTREFY, and a support slot with Swedish Thrash titans THE HAUNTED.

During early 2005 the band recorded their debut album(with bassist Dan Cocker in the ranks)"A Pure World Is A Dead World" before supporting NILE and DYING FETUS at Jillys Rockworld in Manchester. They then embarked on a full UK tour as main support to Sweden's VISCERAL BLEEDING, before playing a host of headline gigs, festivals and supports to bigger acts, including dates with ENTOMBED, GOREROTTED, PROSTITUE DISFIGUREMENT, AVULSED, INSISION, VOMITORY, GUTWORM, DIAMANTHIAN and DESECRATION. Nailed also shared stages with UK cohorts AMPUTATED, SCREAMIN DAEMON, PUTREFY, CONDEMNED, DETRIMENTUM, SARPANITUM, BEEF CONSPIRACY, EVILE and NECROCEST, rounding out the most prolific year in their history. They also received coverage and interviews in Terrorizer, Zero Tolerance, Powerplay and Kerrang! magazines. During 2005 Dan Cocker also received an endorsement deal with Spector basses.

In early 2006 original vocalist Scum decided to leave the band and they moved to a four piece, and shot their debut music video for the track "Without Hope There Is No Fear". January saw them play with HYPOCRISY and NOCTIFERIA, before taking some time out to write more for the second album. In June they travelled to Dublin to play with OBITUARY, ABADDON INCARNATE, ALARUM, CONDEMNED and EXISTING THREAT. Originally this date was supposed to coincide with SUFFOCATION and NECROPHAGIST's European tour, which Nailed were a touring support on, but the tour was beset with problems and was pulled, leaving only the Dublin date set in stone. A crushing performance won many new fans on the Emerald Isle. July 2006 saw them play the Obscene Exreme festival in the Czech Republic alongside heavyweights such as DISMEMBER, SINISTER, GUT and INTERNAL SUFFERING. Numerous headline gigs around the country followed until the end of the year, including a main support slot to Germany's NECROPHAGIST, after which writing began once again.

So far 2007 has seen the band head into the studio to record their second album, "Hatred, Failure & The Extinction of Mankind" @ MCC Studios, and appear at Neurotic Deathfest 2007 in Holland with bands such as IMMOLATION, KRISIUN, DEVOURMENT, VITAL REMAINS, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and many, many more. Garth Wray has received an endorsement deal with Grindstix sticks, and the band is shopping for record labels to release "Hatred, Failure & The Extinction of Mankind".

In mid-2007 Paul Cuthbert and Nailed parted ways and Jim Knights was drafted in to take his place, learning the set in a month and aiding in the continued decimation of the human race.
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