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Re: Re: What Are Your Favourite Slam Death Metal bands?

Originally posted by JohnnyJihad
dude would you mind sending me some songs of these bands? I can't find any guttural secrete to buy but a few weeks back I found a song of theirs on umatched brutality's homepage and your definitely dead on with them, the one breakdown throws me into blissful convulsions every time I hear it.

i'll be trying to find some godless truth in the meantime.

To add to the list:

Older Iniquity.. Serenadium, the hidden lore, and although brilliant Five across the eyes and grime are pretty much devoid of pit riffs/breakdowns.

I love how you mentioned scar culture.. The stunning section in "vision".. the breakdown in "the devout".. the list goes on. That album (inscribe) is the reason I'm into extreme metal.. before I bought that thing I was a lost little boy in a world of nu-trash.

anyway keep this thing going, I want to find more bands like this.

That's just it! I can't find Guttural Secrete stuff anywhere When i recommended this band it was solely based on some streamed song files i've heard online. I'm still trying to get this stuff with Soulseek...
As for Godless Truth. Get the song "Worthless Human Being"..In fact everyone on this fucking board should get the song "Worthless Human Being" right now!! This is pure fukin slam better than the whole new Dying Fetus album ok? if you don't like it feel free to shoot me. They have a sample on their official website.

Yes Johnny..Scar Culture totally fucking rules! one of my favourite bands ever

Ahh and another thing..I forgot to metion the japanese band VOMIT REMNANTS. If you haven't heard them check'em out. Totally brutal Slam with some incredible moshing grooves and pretty sick vocals. In the vein of Dying Fetus, Soils Of Fate and Skinless
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