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Re: DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Necromancy, damnation, revenge Tape out now!

Bands, labels, distros : Trades are possible !

I still have copies of previous tape releases, and you could take 1 copy of 5 different tapes,
So it could be interesting even for those who don’t run a distro.

Get in touch: gabsk(a)

Other tapes to trade include:
-SILURE (Fra)/ FERETRO (Chile) Split tape. Obscure death / Old school death.
-VALGRIND (Ita) Morning will come no more... Tape. Old school death
-EXCORIATE (Chile) ... Of the ghastly stench Demo tape. Old school death/ Doom
-DEKONSTRUKTOR (Rus) Eating the universe Tape. Doom with old industrial touches.
-PENTHOS (Uk) Lifeless haze Demo tape. Old school death metal/ thrash with a technical twist.
-GLAUKOM SYNOD (Fra) ECTOPLASMIC REVELATIONS Demo tape. Industrial/ Brutal death/ Breakcore.
-SZYNHOD GLAUKHOM (Fra) "I" Demo tape. Dark ambient/ Indus/ Noise.
… And more
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