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A Question about the Goratory logotype

Hi everyone!

Im planning on making a flag to hang on my wall with the Goratory logotype on it. It's sort of like a backdrop at a concert, but a bit smaller than that.
Since i can't find any decent pictures with a good resolution on it i'm asking if anyone here knows the webpage of the artist who made it or if somone has an image like that on their computer?
I found the artist of Goratorys album Orgasm Induced Diarrhea but thats not getting me anywhere at the moment. Ive looked all over on Google for the artist.

Im looking for an image size sort of A4-ish, that will be more than enough. If it gets to small the image gets WAY to blurry when i scale it up to make the Flag.

So if anyone here can help me it would be really awsome!
i guessed this would be the best place to ask :P

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