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Originally Posted by Inertiopus View Post
Why B.C. rich ? I have only played their Nj/platinum series stuff but it was all below average. Want to try out a U.S.A. model. I personally would have gone with Ibanez for a 7 string.
BC Rich, cause I love the shape. I think it plays fairly nice. The heavy headstock sort of sucks though, and it's nearly impossible to play anything above the 21st fret because of how deep the frets go into the guitar body, along with that point in the body and comes out below the neck. Other than that it's great.

I was considering Ibanez for quite a while. I wasn't really interested in their cheaper models though ($500) and they only have blue or white for color options on their pretiege models, so the only other metal looking option was the UV777 Universe model. I can get one new through a connection I have for $1600, but even at that great deal, I didn't know if I wanted to spend that much on a guitar I may only use for one album.

But we'll see. I need more time with this virgin to see if I like her or not. If not, I might go the Universe route.
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