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Last distro news:

ANATOMIA (Jap) Dissected humanity CD. Old school death/ Death doom, influenced by old Autopsy. (Reissue of the first album)

EREKTION (Fra) Restless copulation Tape. Obscure brutal death/ Satanic death

EXAUGURATE (Usa) Chasm of rapturous delirium Demo tape. Fast obscure death, not unlike old Dead congregation, Grave miasma, Fleshtized... (Members of Grave Ritual, Ectovoid, Cemetery filth)

GOATBLOOD (Ger) Sadistic body rites Demo tape. Primitive black.death

GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE (Ger) Wisdom of the dead Tape. Death doom

MANGLER (Rus) Are you ready for something like that? Demo tape. Death metal/ Old brutal death. (Demo from 1998)

MORTIFEROTH (Usa) Secret secrecy Demo tape. Old school death

MYSTAGOS (Spa) Ho anthropos tes anomias Tape. Black metal

REINCARNATED (Thailand) The alpha echo Demo tape. Obscure death doom

GROTTO (Bel) Circle of magi CD. Digipack. Prog rock/ Stoner/ Doom

YAKISOBA (Ita) Mandatory amputation Demo CDr. Gore grindcore/ Goregrind

AGATHOCLES (Bel) Commence to mind Tape. Grindcore

-ANATOMIA - Sticker black
-ANATOMIA - Sticker green
-MORTIFEROTH - Sticker green
-MORTIFEROTH - Sticker green silver

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