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Originally Posted by ccqqseo View Post
As a beginner you need to know the the Types of golf clubs, their Uses, and the qualities of each type of club After all, to be a good player, you must choose a good club which is suit for you.
There are several different types of golf clubs ,such as woods, irons, wedges and a putter, and sometimes utility clubs or hybrids.
Here I can introduce several types to you.
golf clubs- Wood
This is one of the types of Golf Clubs used. Unlike the name, the heads are not developed out of wood. Hollow ls such as steel or titanium are used for structuring these clubs. More distance is covered in each stroke when played with woods Golf drivers. Among 14 clubs in any standard set, Woods account for less than 50%. Woods are used in case of real large distances and also their accuracy level is much lower compared to that of irons. One requires hitting the ball many times with wood to get an idea about the exact distance it will cover when stroked. Woods are undoubtedly the longest callaway golf clubs in the set.
golf clubs- Iron
Next come Iron Golf Clubs which are commonly used all through the game. Golfing work which is distance-specific and where distance is gauged by size and weight of the head uses irons. These are quite often made use of, and are common in the fields of Golf caps. These clubs are very versatile making up many clubs in your golf bag. They can target distances, however not as much as Woods, though. Based on the kind of iron club you use, you can try getting the ball closer. Irons assist in getting the ball off an obstacle or popping it up a sand trap.
golf clubs- Putter
The third variety is Putter. Every Golf kit would consist one of this Club variety. These are used towards the end or especially on the part of greens which require real accuracy. Strokes where the level of accuracy is high, or shorter swings, putters are used. Golf ball help in obtaining highest accuracy when compared to other available clubs. These clubs don't target farther distances and balls stroked with them are never meant to fly high up in the air. They are handled delicately for gentle swings. Putting is a significant aspect in the golf equipment game and hence it is recommended to involve one decent putter among your clubs
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