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Goregasm...again (but I'm fucking desperate!)

So, despite the fact that this board is pretty much dead, none of the email addresses on the site work, so I guess this is all I have left.

But I finally got around to digitizing a bunch of rare old thrash albums released only on cassette, most notably Paranormal by the Canadian thrash ultra-gods Slaughter. So does anybody (band members or otherwise) have a copy of Goregasm? I'd love to finally hear it, if not for its historical value then because it has the only other recording of Embryonic Regordation, one of the best fucking Exhumed songs there is (and reusing the intro for Quagmire Of Flesh isn't good enough!). So this might end up nothing more than shouting at nothing, but if anyone remains on this board and happens to have or know someone who has the Goregasm tape...let me know! If you could send it to me, it could finally be able digitized and everyone can stop making stupid threads like these.

Come on!
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